iPhone 14 Case: How to Choose the Best Option for You

Apple loves to boast about a lot of things. In some cases, they're right. But in a few small--but meaningful--ways, they're dead wrong.

Like other phone manufacturers, Apple promises its ceramic glass is superior year after year. Unlike Gorilla Glass, Apple claims its proprietary material can survive longer falls than the competition. But every time someone puts this to the test, they end up with a shattered iPhone.

iPhone is awesome, and far be it from us to dissuade you from getting your own. But until scientists discover an unbreakable phone, you'll need an iPhone 14 case.

An iPhone 14 case isn't just a means of protecting your phone. It adds a lot of lesser-known benefits: better grip, an improved aesthetic, and even a kickstand. But type in "iPhone 14 case" on Amazon, and you'll be bombarded with options. 

So in this guide, we'll help you choose the best case.

Fragile Phones: Why an iPhone 14 Case Is Necessary

It doesn't matter how good phone manufacturers make the frames or the motherboards. Phones are, by their very nature, incredibly fragile. 

No one would dare risk dropping a laptop or kicking a desktop computer. But we expect to drop our phones considerably

We often take our phones for granted and forget that these are tiny computers in our pockets. Before smartphones, people would laugh in your face if you said you could answer emails and video calls from a rectangle in your pocket. Now, smartphones are ubiquitous.

Unfortunately, the tech that smartphones are built upon is getting more fragile by the day.

Dense Electronics

iphone 14 electronics


With every passing year, Apple updates its processors. These include even smaller transistors, packing more onto a silicon wafer than ever. Apple has to play engineering Tetris by shoving all this tech into a tiny space.

This is all thanks to Moore's Law, which states that with every passing year, transistor density doubles. That means we get more powerful devices in the same--or smaller--package.

The result? A lot of very delicate, very sensitive circuitry in an increasingly smaller space.

iPhone and other phone manufacturers have gotten clever with this. They've learned how to juggle batteries and camera bumps to avoid phone overheating and provide structure.

Accepting that Phones Are Fragile

It doesn't matter how good phone manufacturers make the frames or the motherboards. Phones are, by their very nature, incredibly fragile. 

No one would dare risk dropping a laptop or kicking a desktop computer. But we expect to drop our phones considerably brush them off, and carry on as usual.

The only solution to all of this is a case.


iphone leather phone cases

How a Case Protects Your iPhone

It might seem like a case for your iPhone is just more material to pad the outside of your phone. But it can do a lot to protect your device. 

For starters, it can include shock-absorbent material that redirects the force into the case, rather than the electronics. Armored cases can protect your phone from an incredible amount of abuse.

Second, a case protects your delicate glass screen and glass back. It either has a raised edge or a thick back that takes the hit during a fall.

Finally, the case protects your delicate camera bump. Replacing an iPhone's glass is a chore, but replacing the camera covers is something else entirely.

Other Benefits of a Phone Case

iphone 14 pro max i-bason armorbox rugged phone case

Aside from protection, a case has other benefits you might not expect. 

Makes it Easier to Hold Your Phone

Apple's iPhone 14 is sleek and sexy. It's got smooth aluminum sides and a glossy glass back. But while this all looks and feels good, it's a poor option for a tactile hold.

The fingerprints on your hands can only provide so much grip. Glass and smooth aluminum are some of the worst materials for a solid hold. The fingerprints that might provide friction on wood or plastic do not hold up well to smooth metal.

If you're on the go a lot, this is a huge problem. You might walk everywhere, travel on the metro, or have a tricky work environment. You need a firm grip, or your phone will bounce all over the floor. 

Cases often come included with thick rubber edges that improve your hold. They have ribbed plastic that makes it near impossible for a phone to slide out of your hand--or off a table.

We take grip for granted, but this is often one of the most important things for a phone.

Allows You to Change Your Phone's Style

In a recent article, we discussed Apple's awesome new color lineup. But as great as those colors might be, you might grow tired of them. You're stuck with them unless you plan on buying a new iPhone.

Unless, that is, you buy a new case.

Cases are cheap, so nothing is stopping you from getting multiple. You can have a different case for every season, every month, or week.

You can get something cute like the Cosmo Butterfly or something more subtle like the Cosmo Classic. Your options are virtually unlimited. 

In the grand scheme of things, cases are like buying new outfits. Most people can fit them into their budget, and they freshen up your phone's look. You'll have that phone for the next two years, so you need to ensure you don't get tired!

Includes Nifty Features

apple iphone features

A case isn't just for protecting your phone or improving your grip. Case makers have been just as clever as an iPhone when making the best use of all that extra space.

Take a look at the Armorbox. This heavy-duty hulk protects your phone from extreme drops and  includes a kickstand. The days of leaning your phone against something to stand it up are over.

And if you're not a fan of the kickstand, then you can use it as a holder. Smartphone finger is a real condition and one that everyone has been dealing with as of late.

The kickstand doubles as a grip to take the strain off your poor pinky. And if that's not enough for you, you're more than welcome to mount a standard ring grip.

If you're not a fan of the iPhone--but have one of the Galaxy phones--you can even find a holder for your s-pen. The options are endless, so a case can provide far more use than the above.

Pairs Well With Other iPhone Accessories

If you love the iPhone, you likely have a wonderful iPhone accessory like the AirPods. AirPods are sleek, easy to use, and provide reasonable sound quality in a small package. 

But like your iPhone, the AirPods suffer the very same issues. They're prone to drops, and they have smooth plastic sides. They're begging to slip from your fingers, just like your iPhone's slippery aluminum and glass surfaces.

Why not get an AirPods case? It doesn't add much bulk to them and still keeps them nice and safe. You can choose from a wide variety of fancy styles.

Also, you can pair the AirPods with your iPhone case. If you've got the cerulean blue Cosmo Classic, now's the perfect chance to get the AirPods Cosmo Classic as well.

Useful Case Features

Like the iPhone 14 cases, accessories for iPhones also get their own nifty case features. For example, the AirPods case comes with a strap for holding it.

The case for AirPods includes all the shock resistance you'd expect from your iPhone 14 case. In addition to this, it supports wireless charging with MagSafe. It doesn't cover the charging light or mute the location speaker.

AirPods are an investment like your iPhone. They can last a long time and add some excellent musical capability to your iPhone. But AirPods aren't cheap, so protect them well.

Lets You Do Wireless Charging

Apple has some of the best wireless charging on the market. This is all thanks to their revolutionary MagSafe charging feature

Magsafe is great because it positions your phone perfectly on the wireless charger. But a lesser-known fact is that MagSafe protects your battery. The magnets that align with it ensure that the coil of the charger matches the coil on the phone.

Lithium-ion batteries are the bread and butter of portable electronic devices. But they have one fatal flaw: they're prone to heating up and exploding. Wireless charging produces a lot more heat than if you were to plug your phone in.

You can't just set your phone down on the charger and walk away. You need to position it perfectly. It needs to sit straight down in the middle.

Fail to adjust it, and the phone risks overheating. This could lead to battery damage or worse: a phone that catches fire or explodes. But adjusting it can be hard, and you might get frustrated with having to position it just right.

Using MagSafe to Fix Wireless Charging

Apple iPhone Using MagSafe to Fix Wireless Charging

Apple designed MagSafe to address this problem. With MagSafe, your phone locks into the correct orientation and remains there while charging. Even if you bump it by accident, it will snap back.

However, when you add a case, the MagSafe charging may not work. The magnets may be too weak to hold the phone in place. Further, the case may be too thick for wireless charging to work anyway.

Many get cold feet when they buy a case, especially one that is heavy-duty. Some case manufacturers even claim that their case supports wireless charging - but it actually doesn't.

Unless of course, you get something like the Armorbox from iBlason. Despite looking like it could protect your phone from being thrown off a mountain, it still supports wireless charging.

That means you get to have that wireless charging you love without sacrificing protection. Not many iPhone 14 cases can lay claim to as much.

Can Include a Built-in Screen Protector

The first thing you buy after unpacking your iPhone is a screen protector. While it's tempting to leave the one included, we all know that screen protector doesn't last long. It's easy to smudge and gets scuffed, so it's best to replace it entirely. Buying your screen protector is easier said than done. For starters, you have to choose from a thousand identical brands.

Second, these brands often make unbelievable claims - or ones that, at least, seem unverifiable. They claim that their screen protector will make it impossible to shatter the screen. They suggest that this measly piece of plastic is stronger than the ceramic glass.

Then there's the trouble of installation 

Make sure your phone screen is completely, absolutely clean. One tiny hair can linger there. You'll have to either install it again--not fun--or endure it forever--equally not fun.

Buying an iPhone 14 Case With a Built-In Screen Protector

So why not buy a case with a screen protector built-in?

That solves all of the above problems. You don't have to worry about a questionable brand that you don't trust. You don't have to endure a bothersome installation.

But beyond those two reasons, the built-in screen protector goes better with the case. It's designed for the case, rather than being yet another third-party iPhone accessory.

That means the case will fit better with the screen protector, too. You get a better seal, improving the existing water protection.

Plus, this improves upon an already great phone protection option. The case already keeps you protected using the raised lip. But now, you have guaranteed screen protection if your phone hits an edge that gets past it.

Choosing the Right Case

iPhone 14 Case How to Choose the Best Option for You

Indeed, a case will protect your phone until manufacturers can make it, which phone case should you go with?

Generally, there are two types of phone cases:

  • Armored cases: thick cases that provide best-in-class shock protection
  • Standard cases: best all-around, providing a balance between protection and minimal bulk

The case you choose will depend on how you use your phone, so. Let's discuss the upsides and downsides of each case option.

Armored Cases

Armored cases, as the name implies, protect your phone like a knight's armor. They use shock-absorbing materials that redirect the force of a drop into the case. They're bulky, protecting your phone from a drop at any angle.

Let's look at their pros and cons.


An armored case is the only option for those who want protection, period. Your reasons may differ for wanting that protection.

For example, you may just be a clumsy person. You always drop your phone no matter how hard you try. Whether at home in bed or on the metro, you always risk your phone breaking.

Not only that, but an armored case will give you a better grip, reducing the chance of falling. 

Or, you may work in a job that subjects your phone to a lot of abuse. Construction sites are the perfect example. Your phone may have to endure constant drops, scratches, and other threats to its integrity.

You may just have children. You hand over your phone to a toddler who lets it fall off the side of the couch or who sits on it. With all the saliva and snot, you may just want to keep your phone clean from the baby's mess.

In short, an armored case can keep up with any abuse you throw at it.


Armored cases might just fit your fancy, too. You like the rugged edges and the cool black kickstand. If that's the case, nothing is stopping you from going armored.

A weightier phone is desirable for those with big hands. Adding a few millimeters of grip can make a huge difference.


Armored cases are great, but they're not for everyone. 

For starters, an armored case can feel bulky. You may want a lighter phone, making it easier to hold in bed. It's more weight when you toss it into your purse or backpack.

Further, armored cases don't fit well in some pockets. They lead to this big, visible bulge on the side of your pants. And like most ladies, you may struggle to find clothing that even has pockets in the first place!

You may just dislike the aesthetic of these rugged phones. They may seem fit for a trucker, rather than a lady. 

Finally, an armored case is not easy to put on or take off. It's a bit more involved than a standard case. If you swap cases every week, this may not be for you.

Standard Cases

Standard cases are the middle ground. They're the most ubiquitous and the cheapest. Let's see the good and the bad about 

Pros of the Standard Case

Standard cases minimize the case’s impact on your phone's aesthetic. They're very slim, meaning they're less noticeable--without detracting from phone protection. They're the perfect balance between fair protection and style.

Plus, standard cases give you more options. Armored cases, by nature, are limited to the rugged designs that protect them.  There are only so many ways you can design padded bumpers!

Standard cases can have all sorts of colors with all sorts of designs. The focus on flat edges means these are ideal cases for fancy graphic designs. 

You never have to worry about wireless charging since a standard case will always be thin. Armored cases, on the other hand, don't always support wireless charging.

Standard cases are easier to swap out. You can replace it in a few seconds.

Finally, standard cases look better in pockets. They slip into your purse or bag without complaint. Despite this, they still maintain their grip on a surface.

Cons of the Standard Case

Standard cases aren't without their downsides, just like armored cases. 

The biggest issue, as you might have guessed, is that they sacrifice protection. The thinner the case, the less room for shock absorption. While a standard case might look good, it's less likely to survive rough treatment.

Standard cases do provide a better grip than a phone with no case. But they do tend to be smoother. 

 They lack those ribbed edges that give an armored case its hold.

Standard cases may not have much of a raised lip for protection. If you drop it facedown, there's a higher chance that the screen cracks from an object sticking out. Further, most standard cases will not have a built-in screen protector.

Lastly, a standard case can't provide those nifty features like s-pen holders or kickstands. There's not a lot of material to work with, so the focus is on aesthetics and protection. 

Find the Right Case

The verdict is in: you need an iPhone 14 case unless you want your expensive glass screen or sides to shatter. Cases can help you "dress" your phone in new styles, all while protecting it from a busy lifestyle. So, when you go to get your iPhone 14 case, keep the above in mind.

Here at i-Blason is your one-stop shop for armored cases, standard cases, AirPod cases, and other iPhone accessories. Check out our selection today and give your iPhone 14 the protection it needs.

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