iPhone 14 Colors and Finish: What Are the Options?

It might happen every year, but the excitement is always the same. One company manages to make the world hold its breath as it unveils its next masterpiece. 

That company's name? Apple, and the masterpiece in question? The Apple iPhone 14.

The iPhone 14 stuns everyone with its sexy design and intuitive software features. But something you might not have considered was the iPhone 14 colors and finish. And if you're dropping $799 and up on a single piece of hardware, it better look good!

Fortunately, Apple never ceases to let us down when it comes to color palettes. They provide services like personal engraving that you won't see elsewhere. When you get the latest iPhone 14, you're bound to find the perfect color and finish that match your style and aesthetic.

Now the question is, what are the options? Keep reading as we discuss the iPhone 14 color lineup.


apple iphone 14


iPhone 14 Plus and Regular iPhone 14 Colors

iPhone, unlike other phone brands, has always maintained a strict brand image. You won't see crazy designs or colors, even between iPhone models that are years apart.

Apple's design philosophy is sophisticated, simple, clean, and easy on the eyes. Even though their cameras or hardware may pack a punch, iPhone has always been about subtlety.

As such, the brand-new colors reflect this design philosophy. But more than this, Apple makes a lot of effort to distinguish its products. So for each iPhone 14 color lineup, colors only come with certain phones.

This clever decision means you can flaunt your iPhone Pro or Pro Max with unique colors. These colors are more premium and demonstrate your passion for iPhone.

Now let's take a look at the new iPhone colors--including the iPhone Plus.


apple iphone 14 product red

Product RED

Product RED has been around the block a few times already. You can identify it by the distinctive, bright-red color placed on everything from shoes to phones. 

What is RED all about? Put simply, this is a way to put your dollars toward humanitarian efforts. Companies with RED-colored products pledge to donate a portion of RED profits to worldwide charities. 

This project has only been growing as the years go by. Just recently Apple announced that it would push to combat HIV/AIDS with the most recent RED phones. So if you want to enjoy the iPhone 14 and feel good about yourself, RED is for you.

RED is the easiest way to donate to charity without changing your habits. The phone price is exactly the same as the other models. You can buy an iPhone at the same prices as your friends and still help the world.

Plus, the RED color looks great. It's eye-catching, and you don't have to worry about the RED logo overpowering the phone. RED is stamped in a font that's hard to read, keeping out of the way of the distinctive tone.

apple iphone 14 purple



Every year, the colors for the iPhone lineup change ever so slightly. We tend to see at least one "new" color to shake things up and give us something trendy.

This year's purple color is a royal, yet muted, offering. It's not too bright, but still commands a sort of regal respect. Since the iPhone is a premium brand, it only makes sense to use a color with a storied history surrounding the ruling class.

Chances are, you're looking for a phone that goes well with your case. Loud pinks and harsh yellows could overwhelm the senses, diminishing your case accidentally. 

So, choose purple and find a case that fits it.


apple iphone 14 starlight


Apple is second to none when it comes to naming its products. From Dynamic Island to AirPlay, they make high-brow names that fit into the Apple paradigm. You can often guess when a product is from Apple just by hearing it.

Starlight is one such example. It conjures images of a starry field on iOS's new dynamic lock screen background. It reminds you of the impressive promotional images Apple shows each year on its website. Starlight shows each person a different, powerful image.

Rather than be a basic, bright white, Starlight is more subtle. It's an off-white background that looks divine with the surrounding metal chassis. The clean lines and the reflection of the glass make it feel like you're holding a priceless porcelain artifact.

Even with an armored phone case, that distinctive white will peer out around the camera lens. White is the color for divinity and cleanliness, so make yourself look like an angel with it.

Best of all, white is easier to keep clean with the glass backing. Grime smudges will show only after building up over time, but fingerprints won't. 

apple iphone 14 midnight

Midnight isn't just black, and Apple knew that when they named the phone. It conjures images of the deep night when the world is peaceful and quiescent. You start to feel like you're in the great outdoors, smelling the fresh forest air.

The statement Midnight makes when compared to Starlight is a conservative one. This is an unassuming color, but not in a bad way. It's peaceful and yet formidable.

And best of all, midnight looks good anywhere, with anything. It fits in a transparent-backed case or unprotected in the palm of your hand.

apple iphone 14 blue


Blue is where the excitement comes into the new iPhone colors. This is the trendy, hip, fashionable side of the new iPhone. You can easily see this during an Apple advert where the phones splay across the screen.

This year's blue feels like baby blue, but there's nothing childish or baby-like about it. This is a muted tone, a cerulean that makes you think of hot days at the beach. It conveys playfulness, levity, and relaxation.

You will likely choose blue to send the message that you're laid-back. That you're easy-going and easy to get along with. This is not the austere black or the elevated starlight. That said, this might not be the color for a professional who means business.

This year's blue enjoys the reflective glass backing to get the full effect. The light bounces off of it, creating a clean, crisp look.

The blue, like starlight, is easier to clean and keep looking new. But if you're a big blue fan and don't want to commit, try a case that matches your style.

iPhone Pro and Pro Max Colors

iPhone Pro and Pro Max Colors

The most expensive iPhone variants want to ensure you get the best bang for your buck. And no one should expect any less!

These are top-of-the-line features not just in hardware and software. We're talking about an external color that isn't afraid to turn heads.

It's not just that the colors themselves are more urbane. They have regal names that really convey everything they're about. Telling your friends that your phone is blue isn't as impressive as deep purple.

The iPhone Pro versions only have 4 colors, but these are the best colors that Apple has to offer. Let's take a look at the colors for the new iPhone--the pro versions, at least.

apple iphone 14 pro max gold


When you're shelling out $999 minimum for a new phone, you better be getting the 5-star treatment. And this year, Apple delivers with the gold color.

You might think that this is going to be bog-standard gold. Glittery, gaudy, and snobbish. But nothing could be further from the truth.

Apple's gold is more in line with rose gold. The sort of gold you'd expect to find on the hood of a luxury car. This isn't meant to be a brilliant gold bar, rather the sort that might make an appearance on a piece of jewelry.

This isn't gold that screams, "Look at me, I'm rich!" It's a gold that makes you think of poured whiskey or drizzled honey. It's so light it almost feels like yellow, but it's not.

To finish things off, Apple gives you a premium gold chassis to accent the whole. The result is an all-gold phone that is tantalizing to look at.

Unlike starlight from the regular iPhone lineup, this gold color feels precious. The starlight is akin to ivory, while the gold is akin to fine china passed down over centuries.

apple iphone 14 pro max silver


Silver and gold. These are the two most precious metals on the planet, and the wealthy have clamored to get their hands on them since the beginning. Apple wouldn't be complete if there wasn't the perfect antithesis to the gold color.

While silver may not be as expensive as gold in real life, it's still a statement-maker. It's sleek, silent, and grabs your attention.

Silver makes people think of forged steel, folded and quenched under extreme temperatures. Steel is thus gorgeous, while also being deceptively strong.

Apple's silver is no different. You get the image of a powerful phone (although you should use a protective case) that can endure anything. But at the same time, it's a fashion statement like a full moon or molten metal.

This is a white silver that one might mistake for starlight, but it's not. It's more subtle, meaning you can keep your new iPhone Pro less noticeable in a crowd. 

apple iphone 14 space black

Space Black

Of all the new iPhone colors, none sound as cool as space black. In an era with the James Webb telescope, space black has more meaning than ever before.

This isn't a boring charcoal color. Space black conjures images of space fields filled with dust and star matter. It's not just the black of a deep-sea trench, it's a universe black that births stars.

Space black also sounds so retro and futuristic. Apple is the sort of phone you can imagine someone using in a Star Trek future. It's a phone that makes you feel like spaceships and interstellar travel are not that far off.

When it comes to iPhone 14 colors, none makes you feel more like Elon Musk or Jeff Bezos traveling to Mars. Space black is a color we need when the first humans who will travel to other planets are among us already.

apple iphone 14 pro max deep purple

Deep Purple

You could say that deep purple is a close cousin of space black. It's so close to charcoal that you might mistake it for being space black, too. But deep purple provides regality of its own in a conservative package.

Deep purple is for the matriarch. It's a woman's color through and through, but conveys maturity instead of the frivolity of pinks. Purple is for the woman who has seen it all, and won't take it from anyone.

Deep purple is also, in a sense, a space color. The void is filled with colorful nebulas, many of them with a purplish background.

So if you're looking for something that is conservative and queenly, this is your ticket. Deep purple does not call attention to itself, but neither does it fail to impress.


iPhone 14 Finish

All the iPhone models come with the same glossy, glass-backed finish. Glass backs don't just look sleek and stylish, they're necessary for wireless charging. With Apple being the leader in mag-safe wireless charging, this only makes sense.

Glass backs are fragile, though, which is why any phone needs a strong case.

Matte finishes and finishes with a sparkly or changing color look good. However, these are gimmicky finishes that can lose their luster. The novelty wears off, but the Apple glass-backed phones are guaranteed to stay classy for years.

apple iphone 14 fingerprints

Protect Against Fingerprints

The biggest enemy of any glass-backed phone is fingerprints. Even clean hands can cover your phone in fingerprints in just a brief hour of use.

Glass backs are fragile. They scratch easily and will shatter from a short fall. 

If you're opposed to getting a case, at least carry around a microfiber cloth. This will clean your phone without introducing it to further scratches.

Which Color Should You Choose?

Now, the big question has arrived. Which colors for the new iPhone are the best for you? Like any question this complex, it all depends on you.

Colors have a stronger effect on human psychology than you might think. Everywhere you look, colors make up an integral part of human society. Even thousands of years ago when dyes were costly and required long processes to make, people loved colors. 

In other words, colors matter a lot. Don't feel bad that you want to spend time taking this question into consideration.

Choose a Color Because You Like it

If you see a color that you like, just get it. For you, there might be no real reason to consider the symbolism behind it. Make the process easier on yourself and choose a color that is pleasing to your eye.

This takes all the deliberation out of the process. Some can spend hours staring at a potential new phone before they commit. Make it easier on yourself.

Choose a Color Based on How it Makes You Feel

Colors have a psychological impact on us just by looking at them. For example, 

red can make us feel angry or aroused. Blue, on the other hand, is calming and makes us feel relaxed.

When you look at this year's iPhone 14 color lineup, pay close attention to what emotions the colors provoke. Project RED might make your heart beat faster, or might make you feel anxious. Or, it might make you feel strong and noticeable.

Starlight white may make you feel clean and high-class. It might make you feel like there's light, order, and balance in your life. That, and it might go with a white-focused wardrobe.

Something like space black or midnight provides a muted palette. You likely don't want to draw attention to yourself, and you want your phone to reflect that.

Choose a Color Based on Your Profession

If this is a work phone, then you absolutely should take your profession into account before choosing a color. While all iPhone colors

colors are on the gentler side, some might not be appropriate for a work environment.

For example, gold might not be ideal for construction. It doesn't fit the feel of an industry focused on power tools and strong men. Plus, that white will show dirt after a few days on-site.

If you work with high-end clients, then you want to mimic their behaviors. That means having those statement-making colors like purple, starlight, or silver.

Maturity might benefit from deeper colors. If you're older or work as a team lead, the dark colors might be your go-to. Try midnight, deep purple, or space black.

Choose a Color Based on Who You Are

Fashionistas, take note. Your phone is an extension of who you are as a person. Everything from the case to the color reflects how you see yourself and your place in the world.

If you want to call attention with your loud, aggressive styles, you want strong colors. Starlight, blue, and purple are your friends.

Some Other Things to Keep in Mind

For starters, make sure you can see this phone in person first. Your computer screen is not the best at recreating accurate colors. You may buy a phone online, only to discover that in person it looks very different.

It's in your best interest to see the phone you want in person. You can go to any store that has a phone display to do this. Even if you're not yet sold, don't feel bad about heading to your local tech store just to take a peek.

If you don't see the phone on display, 

Some Other Things to Keep in Mind

For starters, make sure you can see this phone in person first. Your computer screen is not the best at recreating accurate colors. You may buy a phone online, only to discover that in person it looks very different.

It's in your best interest to see the phone you want in person. You can go to any store that has a phone display to do this. Even if you're not yet sold, don't feel bad about heading to your local tech store just to take a peek.

If you don't see the phone on display, 

Some Other Things to Keep in Mind

For starters, make sure you can see this phone in person first. Your computer screen is not the best at recreating accurate colors. You may buy a phone online, only to discover that in person it looks very different.

It's in your best interest to see the phone you want in person. You can go to any store that has a phone display to do this. Even if you're not yet sold, don't feel bad about heading to your local tech store just to take a peek.

If you don't see the phone on display, 

ask the staff to show you. This is an easy, free way to see what you're getting.

Take a good look at the phone color in question. Ask yourself if this is really the phone for you. This is the perfect time to hold it up to the light. Different lighting conditions will affect how good it looks.

This is also a good time to see if the phone size is right for you. You don't want to purchase the normal iPhone 14, only to find that it's too small for your hands!

iphone 14 pro max

Find a Case that Fits

A case is no longer an optional item these days. 

Your phone is everything. It's your communication, your camera, and your passwords. If it breaks, you could lose access to bank accounts and important work conversations.

Even the most expensive case is cheap in the grand scheme of things. It's not enough to buy a simple case that provides basic scratch protection. You want a case that can survive a fall and then some.

But do keep in mind that you want a case that won't hide your beautiful color. Many cases have a transparent back to display your color in all its glory--but protect it from scratches and shattering.

If anything, the camera bump will always be visible. And thanks to the Apple phone design, the camera bumps are always there to be seen.

Get a Case for Your Phone Today

The iPhone 14 colors never fail to impress, since Apple curates its palette with every passing generation. This year, Apple has added new colors while also retaining crowd favorites. Choosing the right color is important, so keep the above in mind before you make your purchasing decision.

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