iPhone14 Specs to Keep an Eye On

Since the last iPhone introduced in 2021 was an iPhone 13, the new one is expected to be dubbed iPhone 14. Some speculate that the "S" branding may emerge again, or manufacturers will make an entirely new number since the significant tech upgrades warrant a drastic change. 

Goodbye Notch Design

iphone 14 notch

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People suspect that one of the biggest changes is the removal of the notch cutout. This style was first introduced in the iPhone X and has remained consistent. This notch is where all the sensors are, such as the Face ID.

Analysts surmise that the high-end iPhone 14 Pro will use a "pill hole" design instead of a notch. This allows Apple to combine Face ID hardware and a front-facing camera to increase screen space. The design makes the newest iPhone a truly-all screen phone without cutouts.

Major Camera Upgrade

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The iPhone 14 is said to have a dramatic camera update, improving the front-facing camera. The auto-focus feature gets an upgrade in the hopes of making it catch up to the rear camera. As for the latter, experts say iPhone enthusiasts can expect an upgrade to 48 megapixels with a smart scaling algorithm for a better output image.

The video camera is said to support 8K recording, which is a first. That said, the camera bump, which was initially rumored to disappear, may be here to stay with an even more prominent bump than the predecessors.

Touch ID Display No-Go

iphone 14 touch id

Early reports suggested that Apple will bring an under-display Touch ID to the iPhone 14. However, recent developments indicate that may no longer be the case. The Apple team may delay this feature to 2023.

Progress on this new tech is taking longer than expected, delaying Touch ID integration onto the iPhone's seamless display. Word has it that Apple may take the typical approach by integrating Touch ID into the power button, which both the iPad Mini and Air utilize.

No Lightning-less iPhone

iphone 14 lightning cable

Do you believe that we can now all enjoy a port-less iPhone? Since 2021, people have been buzzing that the latest iPhones will have no lightning port to make them genuinely wireless. However, it seems that this much-awaited development is still under wraps.

The latest iPhone 14 is expected to use the old lightning port with improved transfer speeds. Faster data transfer is a necessity with an 8K video recording. Instead, major port changes are expected in 2023, with Apple switching to USB-C.

Get Your Wallets Ready

shopping for iphone 14

With September looming, tech fans are geared to see the newest Apple baby. Pre-orders are set for September 9, with the first orders arriving on September 16. Customers can expect an increase of around $100 for the Pro and Pro Max models, upping the price to $1199. To offset this increase, the base storage will be at 265G.

Meanwhile, the iPhone 14 Max is expected to be priced at under $900, making it the most affordable 6.7inch iPhone. Are you excited about the new features? Let us know if you'll be getting an upgrade.

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