New Features Of Samsung Galaxy S20

While the Samsung community buzzed about the 2020 release of the Galaxy S11, it was revealed at the beginning of the year that the S11 would not be the official name. Instead, Samsung has chosen to rebrand its newest flagship phone as the Galaxy S20. As the successor to the Galaxy S10, the replacement plan is as follows:

  • Galaxy S20 = Galaxy S10e replacement
  • Galaxy S20+ = Galaxy S10 replacement
  • Galaxy S20 Ultra = Galaxy S10+ replacement

The S20 has been reviewed by dozens of sources. If you’re planning to upgrade your Galaxy S10 to the S20, here is a run-down of the new features you’ll find on this new flagship phone.

Upgraded Camera Zoom and Sensors

The Galaxy S20 is built with a triple rear camera, comprised of a 12MP wide sensor (1.8 microns), a 64MP telephoto lens (0.8 microns), and a 12MP ultra-wide camera (1.4 microns). These lenses are larger than those on the Galaxy S10, meaning more light is let into them for sharper images. The Hybrid Optic Zoom goes up to 3x and the digital zoom up to 30x, allowing you to get great shots at concerts or sporting events. The top tier of the S20 family, the S20 Ultra, boasts 100x Space Zoom.

The S20’s camera also features what Samsung calls Single Take. When in this mode, taking a photo results in a series of them plus 10 seconds of recorded video. Not only will you have a variety of photos to choose from, but the S20 will also determine the AI Best moment, an ultra-wide shot, and a Live Focus photo. Other features include 8k video, and a 10MP front camera (1.22 microns and a f/2.2 aperture).

Boosted Refresh Rate

Samsung’s Galaxy S20 has a 120Hz refresh rate, which improves on the S10’s 60Hz rate. What does this really mean? When you bounce from apps to games to texting, your phone must be able to manage these tasks smoothly. A 120Hz refresh rate offers extremely smooth, seamless operation. You will be able to toggle this in the display settings.

Improved Processor, Storage Capacities, and Software

The Galaxy S20 is the first phone to be built with Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 865 processor. With 12GB of RAM, the S20 is set up to offer fast processing for mobile gaming and multi-tasking. The Galaxy S20 Plus and S20 Ultra offer 512GB of storage.

Samsung’s new One UI 2 software is built into the Galaxy S20 family, streamlining the interface to make overall usage easier than ever. The S20 also feature Google Duo, which is essentially FaceTime for Android phones. With this, you’ll be able to video chat in HD with up to eight people.

The Samsung Galaxy S20 is already stirring up conversation in the Android community, and for good reason. Featuring upgrades in areas where it truly counts, the S20 lineup is a major competition in the smartphone market this year.

Sara Porch
Sara was previously the Brand Manager of i-Blason.

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