Phone Case and/or iPad Case to Bring to the Beach

The beach is a popular destination to escape your troubles and have some fun in the sun. While you want to enjoy your time at the beach, it doesn't mean you want to completely disconnect. After all, how will you take cool pictures at the beach without your smartphone? When it comes to finding the best cases to bring to the beach, we have a few ideas.

Phone Cases

There are a few great choices for a beach-friendly phone case. The key is to choose high quality cases offering total protection for this unique environment.


When you want an option that is as stylish as it is protective, the Cosmo lineup is the perfect beach accessory. With easy installation, precise cutouts for access to all ports and functions, and a cute, colorful design, the Cosmo has it all in one sleek package. From the TPU bumpers to absorb side shocks to the impact resistant overall design, this case offers protection you can count on in a range of colors to suit your personality. It also has easy-grip bumpers to prevent slipping or dropping. Best of all, the Cosmo lineup has options such as the Cosmo Snap with a built-in ring for easy grip and the wallet option to hold a few credit cards without worry.


The Halo is also a great case for the beach because it offers shock absorbing TPU for maximum protection. Halo offers our most lightweight coverage, so I wouldn't recommend anyone take it into the water. It also offers minimal bulk so you aren't weighed down with one more heavy object in your beach bag. It offers reliable protection against bumps, impacts, and scratches for a day in the sun without worry.

iPad Cases

While a phone is a great thing to take to the beach, an iPad is also a good beach accessory with the right case. Perfect for reading or letting the little ones play games, an iPad can be part of your day by the shore with these cases.


The Ares offers reliable protection in the form of a built-in screen protector, dual layer construction, and shock absorbing edges for an option perfect for a day at the beach. It even has a built-in kickstand perfect for reading or watching shows. The case offers durable protection against drops, bumps, and impacts for peace of mind while the many available color choices lets you show off some style.

Kido Case

For the little ones, the Kido case is a great choice. It offers extreme protection against drops and impacts while offering an easy to hold handle for even the littlest of hands. It also has an elevated screen bezel to avoid any issues. Best of all, it is lightweight so it won't weigh down your beach bag.

Michelle Hu
Michelle Hu was previously the e-Commerce Director at SUPCASE, i-Blason's sister brand.

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