Phone Case Drop Tests

When buying a case for your new smartphone, you obviously want the best in protection for this important item. If you have looked at cases, you have probably seen something called a drop test rating and wondered what it is exactly. What are phone case drop tests? Why is this something you should definitely look at when choosing a case? Let's take a closer look at this matter to help you make the right choice for your phone case needs.

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What is it?

When manufacturers refer to phone case drop tests, they are highlighting a level of testing and performance overall in regard to how the product handles drops from a specified height. A drop test is essentially testing conducted to determine the maximum height a phone case can be dropped without the case/phone taking on damage. In some cases, this is a mere couple of feet before the case takes on damage. In other cases of higher standards, it can be an incredible 20 feet or more.

Who performs the test?

The test is performed typically by the manufacturer of the phone case or by a contracted third party. It is worth noting that many cases will say military grade drop tested and this is often a confusing terminology. The test isn't performed by the military as the name implies, but rather it meets the military standards for a drop tested height. One of the most trusted third party testers for phone case drop tests is CNET. CNET tests all manner of technology to give consumers an unbiased assessment. They annually perform a drop test of selected phone cases to determine which one is the most durable.

Why it matters?

As an average consumer, you probably have no intention of dropping your phone from 20 feet above the ground so you may wonder why this element even matters. It matters because it speaks to the overall durability of the case in protecting your device from harm. If a phone case can withstand a 20 foot drop without damages, then you know it will withstand a drop of a few feet without worry, as well as any intense impacts or shocks. When shopping for a case, you should definitely look at this factor to make sure you get the best level of protection for your new device.

Michelle Hu
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