Pros and Cons of Getting a Phone Case with a Screen Protector

We all want to protect our smartphones from harm. After all, we use our phones for pretty much everything and they can be rather costly. This is why most people debate adding a screen protector to their new device. While you can add a screen protector in after the fact, there are cases with it built-in for added ease and peace of mind. Let's take a look at the pros and cons of getting a phone case with a screen protector.


Offers peace of mind.

Many people simply feel better about their smartphone when it has a screen protector as part of the protection. It also removes the hassle of adding a protector on your own since it's built in to the case itself.

Adds an extra layer of safety.

Screen protectors are great for adding an extra layer of protection to your device. This is especially important when dealing with something so expensive that you will take with you everywhere you go. It helps protect against water damage as well since you can easily wipe water from the screen protector. Screen protectors also help protect the glass from damage.


May not be necessary.

While screen protectors give peace of mind about extra protection, they may not even be necessary anymore. Phone manufacturers have upped the durability of the glass screens in recent years so newer models may be a bit sturdier than in the past. The right case would also be enough to protect the screen from damage by way of raised bezels or TPU bumpers.

May take on scratches.

A screen protector may be vulnerable to scratches in the surface. These scratches can become annoying for some users as they continue to use their device.

Some people prefer the feel of the glass.

Finally, some people just prefer the feel of the glass to the feel of the screen protector. The screen protector tends to be thicker and has a more plastic feel to it whereas glass is smoother. When it comes to cases with screen protectors, it may just come down to a matter of preference.

Michelle Hu
Michelle Hu was previously the e-Commerce Director at SUPCASE, i-Blason's sister brand.


  • Timothy

    Will a built in screen protector work just as good as a regular one?

  • Kimbrella

    I have the apple iPhone case. Is it ok to remove the plastic screen protector and replace it with a tempered glass screen protector?

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