Samsung Flip 4: A Comprehensive Review

Back in the mid-90s, flip phones were all the rave with the release of the clamshell design Motorola StarTAC. Things went quiet for over two decades as smartphones took hold until, in 2019, Samsung introduced their first foldable smartphone.

Samsung has been a leading contender for innovative phone design and has created some of the best flip phones on the market, not only devising the original Samsung Galaxy Fold, but also the Samsung Flip range of smartphones. 

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Their latest model in the flip series is the Z Flip4 which comes with a ton of outstanding new features. Built on Samsung's solid reputation for innovation and quality, this phone doesn't disappoint.

Samsung Galaxy Flip 4 Price and Availability

The unveiling of the new Galaxy Z Flip 4 happened during a dedicated event called Samsung Unpacked. The hour-long presentation took place on August 10, 2022, online. You can watch a replay here. After the event, pre-orders kicked off at around 10 am EST across most markets around the world.

Compared to its predecessor, the Z Flip 3, prices have increased this year which has most likely been driven by global economic pressures plus supply chain issues. Depending on which size Flip 4 you go for, these are the recommended retail prices.

  • • 128GB = $999.99
  • • 256GB = $1,059.99
  • • 512GB = $1,179.99

Even with the price increases on the Z Flip 4, we still feel that this is a great value-for-money smartphone considering all of the features, especially when you compare it to rivals' clamshell-style phones currently on the market. 

Price Based Extras

One of the more notable things this time round is Samsung has introduced a higher storage variant in their new release. The largest offers a whopping half a terabyte of space, which is substantial even for the most exorbitant of phone users.

A feature that Samsung brought forward from the Z Flip 3 is the custom color frame and back pairings which is available on the Z Flip 4 Bespoke Edition. It gives users the option of over 75 different combinations that can be mixed and matched. This version of the phone is available through the official online Samsung store, as well as some of their official outlets. It's available in the 256GB storage size only.

    Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 4 Design

    samsung galaxy z flip 4 design

    Image credit: Tech Criticism

    At a glance, the Z Flip 3 version of this phone and the new Z Flip 4, don’t look much different

    Similarly, the new model features the familiar straight-sided look, just with a slightly less rounded edge this time. On the top edge of the back, you’ll find two rear camera sensors plus the external cover display. The rest of the back is composed of Gorilla Glass Victus Plus, which is set against a flattering, color-matched Armor Aluminum frame.

    The following colors are available as standard:

    • • Graphite
    • • Pink Gold
    • • Bora Purple
    • • Blue

    These colors can be mixed and matched if you opt through the Bespoke Edition that we mentioned in the previous section.

    If you’ve got a keen eye, you’ll notice the subtle difference between the frame between the Flip 3 and Flip 4 versions. The new model combines a highly polished frame with diffused back glass which helps to hide fingerprints. This gives the phone an overall classier look. 


    The primary screen of the Samsung Flip 4 is the same size as the Flip 3 despite the overall size of the Flip 4 being smaller. When folded, it’s 1.5mm shorter thanks to the slimmer bezels. Also, when it’s closed, you’ll notice the logo which is engraved on the hinge doesn't protrude as much as it did previously. 

    From the side profile, you can still see a gap where the screen creases in half so dust can still creep in here. Also, there is no certified protection against things like grit. When put to the test, the Flip 4 proves enough resilience to repel most scuffs and scrapes across the glass and metal casting. One thing we love is that the Flip 4 still retains the IPX8 water resistance rating from the previous model.


    One of the key things with clamshell foldable, is they reminisce on the convenience and compactness of the phone designs from the late 90s and early 00s. The Flip 4 fits into the smallest of pockets much easier than a conventional candy bar handset. The trade-off is that it’s a little thicker. The thickest part of the phone is 17.1mm, which even though it won't stick out the top of your pocket, may still feel a bit chunky, especially if you don’t remove it from your picket before sitting down. 


    We still believe that this is the best-designed clamshell foldable around right now. It’s also got the advantage of being the only one with water resistance.

    • • Slimmer bezels and smaller hinge compared to Z Flip 3
    • • Gorilla Glass Victus Plus back
    • • Armor Aluminum frame
    • • IPX8-certified water resistance

    Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 4 Display

    samsung galaxy z flip 4 display

    Image credit: Future via Tech Radar

    Just like with the Flip 3, the latest model features a stunning 6.7-inch Full HD+ (2640 x 1080) 'Dynamic AMOLED 2X' panel when you open the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 4. The display has a smooth 120Hz refresh rate. This can be scaled down to 1Hz to extend battery life.

    The visual quality of the Samsung Flip 4 is brilliant, and astoundingly the crease is early unseen when the display is viewed head-on. You can feel the crease with your finger, however, this is negligible. The advantage of the screen on the Flip 4, is that it features a fabulous 22:9 aspect ratio.


    Because of the size and shape of the phone, it does require two-handed use for the majority of applications, however, the advantage of a bigger screen is that it lends itself perfectly to split screen multitasking as well as ultra-widescreen gaming and video playback.

    The main screen is protected by an updated version of Samsung's UTG (ultra-thin glass) 2.0 which claims to be 20% stronger than the UTG used on the Flip 3.

    On the exterior of the phone, the same 1.9-inch Super AMOLED panel, with 260 x 512 resolution and 60Hz refresh rate as on the Galaxy Flip 3 still features. The default of this screen is for a clock, when it’s closed, this makes the compact aesthetics of the phone look like a futuristic pocket watch.


    The screen delivers a great viewing experience with smart power optimizations.  We’re simply in awe at how sublime folding glass feels.

    • • 6.7-inch Full HD+ folding AMOLED screen
    • • Variable refresh rate (1Hz to 120Hz)
    • • UTG (ultra-thin glass) 2.0
    • • 1.9-inch Super AMOLED external Cover Display

    Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 4 Software

    Samsung has a long track record of expanding its functionality with every new generation of phones, and the Flip 4, it’s no exception. 

    Features like theme-matching during the set-up process, on the main display plus a multitude of new and updated widgets such as SmartThings for the home control panel, and Samsung Wallet access.

    The popular Flex Mode also makes a return too. This feature allows you to position the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 4's hinge at a range of angles. It feels surprisingly sturdy, has a full range of motion, and allows access to numerous split-screen experiences.

    User Experience

    The Flip 4 also has the more familiar One UI software experience, the same that you’ll find on a conventional Samsung phone, all underpinned by Android 12. If you’re not familiar with the Samsung operating system, users find the One UI is both intuitive and comprehensive and works well alongside Google's typical lineup of services.

    The Samsung Galaxy Store has a familiar layout to the Google Play Store, although in the Galaxy store you’ll find Samsung-specific and exclusive apps, such as Samsung Wallet which coexists with Google Pay for contactless payments.

    The learning curve to Flip 4 shouldn't feel too unobtainable for anyone coming from a non-Samsung device. If you are stuck, Samsung has plenty of tutorials that take you through, step by step, how specific features work such as Z Flip 4-specific attributes like Flex Mode and the Cover Display.


    Clam phones aren’t for everyone; however, the interface is intuitive, even for a non-Samsung or Android phone user. The Flip 4 offers a superb UI packed with features and long-term updates. 

    • • Samsung's One UI 4.1.1
    • • Android 12 out of the box
    • • Flex Mode: software optimizations for folding form factor
    • • Four years of OS updates
    • • Five years of security updates

    Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 4 Performance And Specs

    Samsung's flagship series of phones, the Galaxy S series are based on Qualcomm's Snapdragon or Samsung's Exynos chips. Depending on where in the world you are based will govern which one you had; the Exynos was the lesser of the two, and performance was notably different between phones that featured the Snapdragon or the Exynos chip. 

    You’ll be pleased to hear that the Exynos is no longer used, and the Galaxy Z foldable edition smartphones favor the Snapdragon chips, which guarantee more consistency wherever in the world you purchase them. 


    As a generalization, Flip 4 focuses on compact portability whereas the Z Fold4 is more geared towards productivity, they both feature the high-performing Snapdragon 8 Plus Gen 1 silicon and the driving force behind them. These are the same chips that you’ll find in any of the latest Android smartphones. The Snapdragon chip in the Flip 4 comes with 8GB of RAM. However, the chip used in the Galaxy Z Fold 4's is rated at 12GB.

    The Flip 4 starts with 128GB of non-expandable UFS 3.1 storage. However, in This series of Flip smartphones, Samsung has upped the storage ceiling with a new 512GB model, which wasn't previously available.

    Users of the Z Flip 4 should be future-proofed enough for several years. Plus, Samsung offers an industry-leading promise of a very generous four years of Android OS updates in addition to five years of security updates. This ensures that the Z Flip 4 makes for a better long-term investment compared to a lot of rival models. 


    This is a top-performing phone with one of the top chips on the market. It also features an improved UFS 3.1 storage, which is a nice bonus too.

    • • Top-shelf Snapdragon 8 Plus Gen 1 chipset
    • • 8GB RAM
    • • New large 512GB storage variant (UFS 3.1)

    Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 4 Battery Life

    Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 4 Battery Life
    Image credit: Phone Arena


    The Flip 4, not only features overall smaller portions, but it does also weigh a few grams more. Previously Flip 3 weighed in at 183g, and the new Flip 4 weights slightly more at 187g. This is down to the improvement in battery capacity. 

    A previous pain point from the earlier Flip models was the lackluster battery capacity. The previous model came with a nominal 3,300mAh battery. This caused most users to run out of power in less than a day if they were using the phone to its full functionality. The problem with this has been addressed in Flip 4, as Samsung squeezed in a much more acceptable 3,700mAh cell. 

    Battery Improvements

    This 12% increase in capacity now allows the Flip 4 to last a full day, without the need for charging. This improvement is assisted by the adaptive display as well as an intelligent power management system that adjusts dynamically based on phone use. The addition of the battery performance profile menu also allows users to switch between standard and a new power saving option, called ‘light mode’.

    Another plus point with the Flip 4, is that it charges faster than the previous model depending on the charging method. It charges at 25W via wired charging and 15W wirelessly. Samsung's wireless power sharing is at 4.5W. This reverse wireless charging is the same as on the previous Flip.

    Although all these improvements in power and battery life are a step in the right direction, it’s still lacking somewhat when compared to the wider industry smartphone standard. There is no power adapter included. 

    Charge Speed

    When tested with a generic 27W PD charger, the Flip 4 reached full charge status within about 1.25 hours. However, like with many official vs non-official tests, Samsung's official power adapter seems to be rigged to recharge own-brand phones more effectively than no-name brand adapters.


    The battery life was one of the main criticisms of the previous Flip 3. The battery life on the Flip 4 has been improved, and although not as good as other smartphones, will last for a whole day of use. 

    • • 3,700mAh battery
    • • 25W wired charging
    • • 15W wireless charging
    • • 4.5W reverse wireless charging
    • • Day-long battery life

    Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 4 Cameras

    Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 4 Cameras

    The Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 4 features three cameras and at a glance, looks similar to the ones found on the Flip 3.

    The apertures on the cameras remain the same between Flip 3 and 4. The way that Flip 4 differs is that the primary 12MP sensor is fractionally wider. This promises up to 65% brighter stills and videos thanks to larger pixels (which for the camera buffs are 1.8µm, up from 1.4µm previously).

    Both optical image stabilization (OIS) and video digital image stabilization (VDIS) have been upgraded. The video stabilization benefits from the new FlexCam mode, which helps to orient the UI. This feature comes into play when you’re holding the phone like a 90s camcorder, and the hinge is folded to a 90-degree angle.

    Selfie Feature

    A nice feature of the Samsung Flip 4 is the foldable display which encapsulates the centrally positioned 10MP (f/2.4) punch-hole snapper. There are two other sensors next to the cover display on the back of the phone. These are comprised of an OIS-supported main 12MP (f/1.8) sensor and the 12MP (f/2.2) ultrawide sensor.

    Camera Options

    One other convenient feature is that you can start shooting video footage using the cover display and then unfold the phone and switch to the main display without interrupting the recording.

    Other camera functions include the following:

    • • Samsung Single Take, which creates a collage of stills and videos from a single shutter press
    • • Panorama 
    • • Food mode
    • • Slow motion
    • • Time-lapse
    • • Director's View, which lets allows you to shoot video using multiple sensors

    If you enjoy getting creative with stills and videos, both modes support manual mode. The flip action of the phone also allows it to be used as a camera stand, making it easier to capture hands-free footage. This is a feature called FlexCam.  

    Footage Quality

    The quality of footage and stills on the Flip 4 is decent and bold and produces bright, well-contrasted shots with plenty of fine detail. Samsung cameras have a great reputation for their onboard post-processing, which automatically sharpens and enhances your images. Flip 4 is no exception to this. Even absolute novices will be able to capture some great-looking photos on all three of the cameras on this phone.

    The performance of a camera in low-light situations frequently comes with mixed results. However, Flip 4 promises and delivers attractive Night mode shots. The images captured are filled with details and have pretty accurate color, considering the low light conditions.

    On a side-by-side test against the rival iPhone 13 Mini, the Samsung Flip 4 held its ground and produced excellent results in comparison when tested across different shooting modes and a range of conditions.

    The selfie snapper has a more than capable 10MP which works well in most situations, including low light. Furthermore, the improved VDIS also generates some impressively smooth and stable video capture.


    It’s a little disappointing that the phone doesn't feature an optical zoom, so if you’re using the phone to take outstanding photos, you might feel limited here. Where the phone does excel in, from a photo point of view, is in taking selfies.

    • • 12MP primary camera
    • • Ultrawide rear cameras
    • • 10MP hole-punch selfie camera
    • • Brighter main sensor
    • • New FlexCam functionality

    Overall Verdict

    The new Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 4 has addressed some of the pain points of its predecessor, the Flip 3.  The main one is a larger battery capacity. Considering the price versus performance, this is one of the best value water-resistant foldable on the market right now.

    Overall Pros

    • • Improved larger battery
    • • Faster charging capability
    • • Ongoing software support
    • • Outstandingly compact design
    • • Superb performance

    Overall Cons

    • • Camera can give inconsistent results at times
    • • Structurally weaker than a non-foldable smartphone
    • • Although improved, the battery could still be better
    • • Galaxy Flip is at the higher price end compared to a regular smartphone

    Should I Buy the Samsung Galaxy Flip 4?

    samsung galaxy z flip 4

    This leads to the question of whether or not you should buy the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 4. 

    Our advice is yes, buy it if you’re after the very best clamshell phone on the market right now. When it comes to design against price, you won't find anything with as much functionality as the Z Flip 4. It’s also the top choice if you love to take selfies, thanks to the external cover display and built-in sensors. This is also a good option if you’re looking for an incredibly compact phone that doesn't compromise on having a large display. 

    In contrast to that, we don’t recommend buying the Flip 4 if you’re an accident-prone person. Even though the phone is robust, if you have a knack for dropping or knocking your phone about, then a conventional-style candy bar phone is much less vulnerable to getting damaged. It’s also not the best option if you need zoom on your camera. Currently, this is limited because of the absence of a telephoto option. Finally, the battery, although it has improved longevity, it’s still subpar when compared to other smartphones available.

    What Do You Think of the New Samsung Flip?

    We hope you agree that the latest Galaxy Z Flip phone has some pretty outstanding features. If you’re considering purchasing the new Samsung Flip 4 phone, then you’ll want to make sure you have the latest and on-trend accessories to go with it.  

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