The Latest News About the Samsung Galaxy S23

Rumors of the Samsung Galaxy S23's special pre-order bonuses are circling. People are hungry for more smartphone news about new flagship device. 

So, how can you ensure that the information you get about this new Samsung phone is true?

These new smartphones look to be one of the most advanced devices on the market. So, read on and get ahead of the game.

Samsung Galaxy S23 Release Date

The Latest News About the Samsung Galaxy S23

The first thing you might want to know is when you can pick up this device. As Samsung has not revealed this information yet, you will still need to wait before writing the date in your calendar. Still, we can make some good assumptions about what this might be.

The previous iterations of Samsung phones were all released at regular intervals. This means you should have the ability to find out when the next one will be.

The most recent Samsung Galaxy iterations launched on the following dates:

  • • S9: February 2018
  • • S10: February 2019
  • • S20: February 2020
  • • S21: January 2021
  • • S22: February 2022 

Based on this, it is a fair assumption to guess the next device will launch on February 2023. You can also expect any Plus or Ultra varieties to launch along with their standard SKUs.

Under the Cover

The main areas of interest to many people are the stats of the device's hardware. The following information details information about the S23's processor, RAM, and storage capacity. 

Specifications Summary

Rumors about the Samsung Galaxy S23 position it as the flagship of the whole Samsung Galaxy range. It appears to have more powerful hardware on all fronts than any other Samsung smartphone.

While there are many different whispers about what to expect from the device, the following is a summary of what to expect from the S23. Be aware that these are still rumors, so there may be differences between these and the final product:

  • • Processor: Qualcomm Snapdragon (3.36GHz)
  • • Storage: Choice between 128 GB and 256 GB
  • • Memory: 8 GB
  • • New Technology: Emergency satellite SMS/MMS


The main source of speed for the S23 is its new internal chipset. While the S22 used a 2.8GHz processor, the S23 sports a 3.36GHz beast.

At first, the idea of a new chip was not confirmed. This all changed when the CEO of Qualcomm started talking openly about their contract with Samsung. The CEO mentioned their contract guaranteed work with Samsung in the U.S. market existed until 2030.

The Qualcomm Snapdragon is the latest in their processor offerings. Thus, you can expect it to appear in much of Samsung's technology moving forward.

This chipset already exists in many Samsung phones. It would make no sense for them not to use it on their new device. It would allow the S23 to be one of the strongest devices in the market for computational speed.


Samsung does not seem to have updated the amount of long-term storage on its devices. This makes a lot of sense, as 256GB, or even 128GB, can hold a vast number of photos or videos at present.

When you buy the S23, you can expect to have these two options available to you. We have yet to see whether the Ultra is only available at 256GB or if the standard version cannot extend past 128GB.


Samsung has made no noise when it comes to increasing the amount of RAM in their devices. So, when you pick up the S23 you can expect it to sport the same amount as the S22.

This 8GB of RAM is likely to have the ability to empower anything you might want to run on the device. This should be true no matter if you pick up the standard S23, the Plus, or the Ultra version of the phone.

Camera Information

Camera Information Samsung Galaxy S23

Samsung has invested a lot in its camera technology. Many of its other smartphone devices now sport the company's latest innovations. These are the HP1, HP3, and HPX camera sensors, which can capture up to 200 Megapixels of data per photo.

Rumors seem to suggest only the S23 Ultra will have this powerful camera, meaning if you want to use this hardware you will need to invest more. Still, it will put you at the forefront of photographic technology.

One of the major things photography experts seem to enjoy about the new HP1/HP3/HPX cameras is their ability to take in data even in low light. Thus, no matter whether you are an expert photographer or someone who enjoys taking snaps on a night out, there is something for you here.

We can determine the expected shape of the device from third-party accessory vendors. As such, it appears the S23 is moving in a different direction for the placement of its cameras. Instead of all appearing in one area on the back of the phone, they are now aligned vertically down one side of the back of the device, alongside the flash.

Battery Capacity

The S23 seems to have had an upgrade in how much power each version of the device can hold. These changes seem to be in response to the updated processing needs of the Snapdragon chipset. Though, it is not possible to confirm this assumption at present.

The following summary details how much power each device's battery can hold.

  • S23: 3,900mAh
  • S23 Plus: 4,700mAh
  • S23 Ultra: 5,000 mAh

    Comparing this to the S22, you can see the S23 Ultra retains the same amount of power as its predecessor. The standard S22 and the S22 Plus, instead, see an increase of around 200mAh. As such, they have futureproofed the device as onboard features continue to update across the device's lifetime.

    Light Power Mode

    One thing which might increase the amount of time this device has power for is the inclusion of a new power mode for lower power draw. This "Light" power mode allows the user to reduce the amount of processing power the S23 uses in exchange for a longer battery life.

    Should the user not be an active user of the smartphone during the day and only want it for emergencies, this could be a godsend. Examples of when this might be useful would include while outdoors or during a long work shift.

    This setting has already seen success in other phones, both on Samsung devices and elsewhere in the market. The fact it took Samsung so long to introduce it to the Galaxy range of devices is the only surprising thing here.

    Satellite Communication

    There has been a lot of call in the cell phone community for better coverage when away from cell phone towers. This is very important for emergency messaging if one is engaging in hiking, sports, outdoor work, or other activities.

    For this reason, whispers suggest Samsung has opened negotiations with satellite operators. Should they have succeeded in negotiating a deal, they may have found a way to include satellite communications on a Samsung data plan.

    This would not allow for any data transmission aside from emergency text or image data. So, you should not expect sudden 5G connections in the middle of the deep forest.

    Charging Power

    The S23 is not looking like it will make any surprising advances in the area of battery charging. No rumors have appeared discussing how fast you will be able to charge these devices.

    Thus, you can expect the wired charger to hit 25W for the standard device or 45W for the Plus and Ultra SKUs. For wireless charging, the device will hit 15W much like with the S22.

    Smartphone Accessories

    The Latest News About the Samsung Galaxy S23

    There are many options for other non-technology assets you can pick up for your phone. These are some of the biggest rumors around:

    Cases and Covers

    The outside of the device is the most likely area to see leaks when it comes to a new device. This is doubly so when third parties start to receive information on the physical specs of a device so they can produce cases and covers.

    From what we have learned of the S23, you can expect all three versions of the device to have similar visual styles. This is a pivot from what we have seen in previous iterations, where the Plus and Ultra have both had a different shape to the standard SKU.

    Price of the New Smartphones

    Samsung has not yet released information on the Samsung S23's RRP. All we can do is compare it to the previous iteration and expect it to be roughly similar.

    Expect the S23 to be roughly within the range of the S22's prices.

    • S22: $799
    • S22 Plus: $999
    • S22 Ultra: $1,199

    Of course, market fluctuations may cause changes to the S23's price outside of this rough estimate. Be aware you may need to budget for this device moving into 2023.

    Protecting Your Samsung Galaxy S23

    samsung galaxy s23 ultra

    With the above information available, you are likely already opening a webpage to preorder the new Samsung Galaxy S23. As such, you probably want to protect it from everything the world has to offer, such as high drops or even comments about its color.

    For that reason, you should find yourself a new phone cover to match your personality. So, check out our store to find the perfect cover for your needs.

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