Understanding the Samsung Galaxy S22 Plus Features

"You unlocked something inside of me that day, something I didn't even realize was there."

No, this isn't you talking to your swanky new Samsung Galaxy S22 Plus, although many people seem to do that with their new toys. This is a quote from Unsane, a riveting psychological thriller that boasts amazing cinematography. But what you maybe don't know is this.

It was shot exclusively on a smartphone.

The rise of smartphones as a way to market yourself through content is getting steeper, and now you can get in on the action too with the new Samsung Galaxy S22 Plus.

So, let's dive into the features of the newest Galaxy line.

The Specs

A phone could have all of the bells and whistles in its design, but if its foundation is weak, then it's nothing.

The CPU is the engine that powers it, and thankfully you can rest assured that your new Galaxy phone comes paired with an Octa-core, or Quad-core -- depending on the country that you reside in -- processor. Do you want to stretch your phone to the limit with apps and games, all running at the same time without draining the battery (our portable battery power banks got your back)? Then the processors within the S22+ will ensure that your life is rarely dull.

Ram and Storage

But how on earth will you use those apps if your storage can't even hold the massive amount of pokemon you plan to snatch in Pokemon Go?

Well, the Samsung Galaxy S22 Plus comes backed with 8 powerful gigabytes of RAM. This means that you can become a multi-tasking maven, switching seamlessly between apps as you conquer your day with a host of different tools. The S22+ makes this possible.

And what if you don't have the space for that wide array of documents and images that you use for work?

Well, an internal memory of 128GB - 256GB comes built-in, so that you will never have to bite your fingers over what needs to be deleted from your phone; a stressful decision for many. 

And not only does faster RAM mean less lag, but it also means that your phone can pull and access data at much faster clicks, making speed-sucking background apps a thing of the past.

The Battery

We've all experienced it. You've been killing it at work, or on social media. Perhaps you're editing a sick image for your feed, and can't wait to see your followers explode you into social media stardom. Only, you got so caught up in it, that you forgot to do one thing.

Save your edits.

And with all of the RAM being eaten up by the app, something slipped your attention -- the battery icon in the top corner was at the edge of oblivion. And then, the screen plunges into a black abyss.

The Samsung Galaxy S22 Plus does feature a robust Li-Ion 4500 mAh battery, even though it is of less power than the battery in the S21. Regardless, it gifts you speedy 45W of charging speed, with 15W of wireless charging ability. So stop worrying about toe-tapping over hours of charge time.

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Go ahead, you can start finishing that killer social media post now!


But how will you craft that killer post without a quality camera? The S22 is Samsung's answer to the newest iPhone, and it is a strong response at that. With four cameras, the company is giving media creators, and memory moms, all of the resources to snap wonderful moments or slick marketing material.

With a 50MP main camera that pulls out sharp details, even at nighttime, you can finally make nighttime your time to create. An f/1.8 aperture lens takes in more details at low light levels. It also comes equipped with a 12MP ultra-wide-angle lens, allowing you to capture those wide panoramics on your next vacation cruise.

But if that wasn't enough, then topping off those back-facing cameras is a telephoto lens, which means that now you can capture your son's football memories from the stands with the 3x Hybrid Optical Zoom. And of course, how can we live without a stellar selfie camera on the front!

The front-facing camera has a quality of 10 MP, so there's a quality group selfie for every moment.

These cameras come backed by a vast array of pro features, that allow you to wow your followers with amazing and professionally captured moments. A unique aspect of the built-in camera app is the use of "pixel-binning", which sections off an image into multiple "boxes". Within those boxes, the pixels are much more compact.

This ensures that the pixels aren't spread out over a wide canvas, which gifts your images with greater clarity and quality.

Become The Focus King

But the beauty of the cameras doesn't stop there. An amazing feature of the Samsung Galaxy S22 Plus is the "Auto-Framing" feature, which employs the use of AI to enhance your moments and make your followers' mouths drop in awe. No longer will you have to awkwardly move and turn the camera to keep the focus nice and clear.

Well, while the Terminator won't come walking through that door anytime soon, you can get the next best thing with this revolutionary tech, which can track up to 10 people. It automatically adjusts the focus, so that unwanted out-of-focused blemishes are a thing of the past.

No More Found-Footage Style Moments

And if you're looking to take your content on the road, then the Samsung Galaxy S22 Plus comes with advanced VDIS technology, that eliminates those shaking and bobbing that usually plagued your earlier videos. With this technology, you can smooth out your special moments.


Slightly smaller than the S22 Ultra, the Plus retains a comfortable size that fits well into your hand or pocket, allowing you to travel and capture your moments with gusto. This is the result of a slimmer build and battery design.

The flat-screen of the S22+ contributes to this slim build, whereas previous models of smartphones came with a more curved design to the front screen display.

This compact design exudes convenience, but it doesn't pull punches when it comes to screen size. This is the perfect pairing of comfort and practicability.

  • Display diagonal: (screen)6.6 inches (16.8 cm)
  • Body size: (mm)157.4 x 75.8 x 7.6 mm
    (height x width x depth)
  • Body-size: (in)6.20 x 2.98 x 0.30 in
    (height x width x depth)
  • Body-height: 157.4 mm
  • Body-width: 75.8 mm
  • Body-depth: 7.6 mm (0.76cm)
  • Screen size: 7.03 x 15.22 cm
  • Screen width: 70.3 mm (7.03 cm)
  • Screen height: 152.2 mm (15.22 cm)
  • Screen-to-body ratio: ~89.6%
  • Screen area: ~ 106.9 cm 2
  • Weight: 195 g (6.88 oz)


Due to this compact design, you can be assured that it won't weigh you down as you walk. It weighs in at an easy 195 grams. Guess what?

That is less than the weight of a roll of nickels! That means that it's less likely to be prone to serious damages when dropped. Not that it would, because the display of the S22+ is engineered for durability.

More on that later!

But its light weight goes back to the slim and compact design, standing in contrast with the S22 Ultra, which is a little heftier due to its larger display size. 


But the backbone of every phone is what projects the images. No matter the fancy technology, no matter how powerful the camera is, it doesn't account for much if the display doesn't project that perfection.

Thankfully, the Samsung Galaxy S22 Plus comes sporting a flashy and vibrant Dynamic AMOLED 2X display. Why is this significant?

You can watch your videos with greater clarity, a gift from the full HD+ resolution, so that you can finally see what happened in Game of Thrones' Battle of Winterfell.

I still don't know exactly what happened there. I guess I needed an S22 Plus (not my ancient S8). But that's not where the improvements stop.

The true beauty in this display lies in the noted color, HDR, and brightness displays, that have your content pop out with high definition clarity. This allows you to experience movies, series, and content just as the creators intended -- with purity so that you can see the smallest details left by the creators.

Perfect for our cinema easter egg seekers, or couch-side paranormal hunters.

From nighttime images to dimly lit scenes, the AMOLED display can pull out details in the blackest of blacks, and doesn't twist the accuracy of colors.

Scope out our stands, so that your cinema experience is enriched as you revel in the vibrant colors. 

An Intelligent Brightness

But there's even a hint of AI in this tech. Yes, Skynet is just around the corner with this brilliant technology that would make Terminator blush. Because as your content plays, the S22 Plus's Intelligent Vision Booster Technology pulls a brilliant magical trick --

It will automatically adjust to the lighting that is around you.

Maybe you are sitting in a dark room, and the Battle of Winterfell has just ended. It was dark, but with the S22 plus you could see the full glory of the battle. But then, a jarring shift to the morning following the battle!

The scene blasts light into your face. Normally, we might have to manually adjust the brightness on our screen, but with the S22 Plus, it senses that you are in a dark room, so the brightness will automatically lower when that sudden blast of cinema morning light assaults your eyes. 

This helps you see details clearly, without adjusting manually, while also shielding your eyes from any undo damage.

Should you wish to push the brightness to its limits -- just, not in cinemas, please -- then the S22 Plus has some power under the case.

It boasts a peak brightness of 1,750nits, 350 more than the S22.

The Samsung Galaxy S22 Plus Design

So, we know that the S22 Plus comes with some power to back it up. From its powerful quad-camera tech to the raw power that comes with the CPU, you will have a phone that can capture special moments, and do it with ease.

But how does it look? Is it an ugly duckling that's pure beefcake, or is it the bell of the ball that wins all of the beauty contests?

Well, in this case, power indeed comes paired with glamour.

The front face of the camera ditches the curved nature of most smartphones for a flat design that is sleek and refined -- also more comfortable. This also plays into its compact size.

And that 6.6inch display size canvases the front beautifully, ensuring that convenience doesn't come at the expense of practicability.

The beautiful display of the front is even more pronounced by another aspect of the design. With a lot of phones, the design of the front face is jarred by a gaping hole for the selfie cam.

You will hardly notice it with the Samsung Galaxy S22 Plus, where there's only a simple punch-hole in the top. This allows for more immersion in your content, and gifts you with more display space to get things done.

They always say that beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Well, you'll have a kick out of beholding this next aspect of its design. 

Frame Design

Well, behold the iconic look that has always made the S series a fan-favorite: the contour-cut design.

This seamlessly blends the edges of the camera into the housing frame, whose refined look compliments the flat, luxurious finish of the display screen. What we are saying, is that it looks as good as it performs.

It balances modern with fashionable, while still maintaining a unique look, a culmination of traditionally branded designs, and innovations. The overall design can come bathed in four distinctive colors:

  • Phantom Black
  • Phantom White
  • Green
  • Pink Gold

I personally prefer the look of the phantom black. It flows perfectly with its smooth and sleek look.

But just because it boasts glass in its design, don't think that it isn't durable. Because it's backed by the power of the gorilla!

Monkey Power

The what, you ask? That's right. If you have been using phones for the past decade, then chances are that your phone has come equipped with Gorilla Glass.

Berthed in Corning Labs in the 70's by accident, it has become standard in phone design. And the Samsung Galaxy S22 Plus debuts the newest iteration of the glass, called Victus+.

This shields your phone from falls and scratches, so that you can continue rolling in style. This glass is found on the front and back, so that any type of drop is no problem!

But you were probably thinking that Gorilla Glass is the only weapon in the S22's arsenal? Well, not so fast, Wiley Coyote!

Because paired with the supreme quality of the glass protection, is the premiere of Armor Aluminum -- the first of its kind to be used in the S series.

This glass shielding is a step up from the S21. Yeah, remember that plastic-coated backing? Well, Samsung is dishing out the high-tech treatment for your new phone!

But, back to Amour Aluminum. Samsung boasted this as their strongest aluminum frame to date, and it debuted with their Galaxy Z Fold 3, and Galaxy Z Flip 3 phones. This boosts its already durable characteristics to new heights, so that it can handle any accidental drop by your clumsy hands.

And my clumsy hands!

  • Strength
  • Style
  • Durability

Those are the pillars of the S22 Plus's design.

But we like augmenting our phones with the latest tech, so, what kind of accessories will come supported the moment the lock ticks "launch day"?


All of the usual suspects will be available by Samsung on launch day.

Screen Protectors

Some of us are clumsier than others. If you are clumsier than I am, then you might want a little bit more extra protection, if not just to keep your mind at peace.

While the Samsung Galaxy S22 Plus already comes covered in the highly durable Gorilla Glass, there is an additional screen protector that you can slip onto the front display, further making your new, prized phone a bullwark against any damage.


Stylish cases, while being on hand to further augment the undeniable allure of the S22s design, perhaps further enhancing your "allur".

A brilliant LED display on the front of the case reflects the actual display, alerting you to any texts and calls without you having to open the protective case, perfect for a quiet environment where you need to be discreet, or whirling, destructive environments that might damage your phone to the exposure.

So if you are an Alaskan King Crab fisherman, then case-up! In all seriousness, this provides an excellent layer of protection and boasts amazing functionality with its LED display notification.

If your worry-freak side isn't salivating yet, then perhaps the pocket inside the case -- for ID cards, bank cards, etc. -- will get you chomping at the bit.

But sometimes calls happen, and playlists become boring. Well, the S22 will have a case for that too. Say hello to the Smart Clear View Cover, which gives you the no-brainer option to answer those pesky calls, and to change to that catchy music, all without even having to flip the cover open.

So keep your phone -- and your "life" -- protected, while working your magic on your new S22 Plus.

And from stands to straps, you can even augment your augmentation! Strap up to optimize for prime comfort, and ensure that your fumbling hands don't send your phone crashing down. Or prop up the brilliant display with a stand, as you watch the newest season of Game of Thrones -- when is that, by the way?

All told, there are 9 covers for your picking, offering a slew of options for your S22 Plus.

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Along with the rad cases that you can pick from, Samsung also offers some additions that can augment the S22 plus experience.

Such as the Galaxy Watch4, perfect for those fitness junkies who want to track their workouts and health. The watch works in concert with your S22 Plus by feeding ECG data in real-time, tracking your heart rate, and rhythm.

You can also make your watch and your phone work in tandem, so that you can activate apps on your phone straight from your watch, gifting you a wealth of tools to elevate your Samsung experience.

Aside from the features of the Galaxy Watch, you can also supercharge your charging experience Samsung's...um..."Super Fast Wireless Charger".

Aside from the name, it packs a host of benefits to help extend the life of your phone, such as a built-in fan cooling system. You might've bricked your past phones from overheating. Well, kiss that goodbye with this 15W wireless charger.

If wireless charging isn't your thing, then a 45W PD Power Adapter can be bought, which charges not only your phone in a flash, but can also charge other devices.

Peak Your Listening Experience

Are your Spotify playlists always on lock? Samsung offers a litany of comfortable Galaxy Buds to enhance your Spotify rock sessions. But if the single pallet colors of their offerings don't fit your fashion sense, then you're in luck!

Our lineup of buds are both vibrant and stylish, so that you look good in your jam session.

Ready to Upgrade Yet?

The Samsung Galaxy S22 Plus is a wonderful new addition to the Galaxy lineup, that dishes out a host of new features for their fan-crazed base. And it has a little bit of everything!

For content creators, it features revolutionary software that pairs its stellar quality with its 4 cameras.

For fashion aficionados, its sleek look -- backed by the study and durability of Gorilla Glass and Amor Aluminum -- makes it a must for anyone wanting to impress their friends or colleagues.

Check out our amazing list of accessories here, so that you can boost your Samsung experience to new heights!

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