What Are the Best Features of the Galaxy Z Fold4?

The Samsung Galaxy Z Fold3 sold more than 2.5 million units, more than every other flip phone combined. The next edition of the Galaxy Z Flip is on its way and it's likely to surpass that figure thanks to its astonishing new capabilities. 

Whether you're a fold phone fanatic or you're completely new to this type of phone, it's a good idea to learn more about the new release. The Galaxy Z Fold4 is about to hit the market and it's packed full of new features.

If you're looking for a thorough rundown of the Galaxy Z Fold4, you've come to the right place. We've put together this comprehensive guide to help you understand all the features of this exciting new product.

Galaxy Z Fold4 Launch

The Samsung Galaxy Z Fold4 was announced in August 2022 with a release date in early September. It's been eagerly awaited for some time, but the launch confirmed many rumored details about the phone. 

The phone was launched at Samsung Unpacked alongside a range of other Samsung products, including the Watch 5 Pro, Flip 4, and other new products. Samsung die-hard fans may be particularly interested to hear about new accessories like Samsung Galaxy Buds 2 Pro, which could be used in conjunction with the mighty streaming power of a Fold4. 

Fold Out

galaxy z fold4

Users of previous fold phones will understand the central design feature of the Fold4. But it's worth going over the basics of the design for those new to this type of phone. 

The phone makes use of three total screens. There's a cover screen on the front of the phone that's useful for when you're out and about. Then you can choose to unfold the phone to access the two screens inside. This provides a larger screen that's perfect for watching movies, playing games, or doing work.

The beauty of the fold phone is its versatility. It's like a quality Android phone and tablet all in one that's ideal for whatever you want to do. Its multiple screens and new software combine to open up a world of possibilities. 

The early versions of Samsung's fold phones experienced plenty of well-publicized teething troubles on their initial launch in 2019. For that reason, many consumers who might have already opted for a fold phone have been reluctant to take the plunge. 

But the Z Fold4 has overcome these early issues and blossomed into a mature, user-friendly product. The hinge is strong, the screens work well, and the software under the hood is seriously impressive. 


The display is another area where the fold phone has come into its own. The expanded front cover screen is still 6.2 inches in length. But it has a wider aspect ratio, meaning it's much more usable when on the go. 

Some of the edges have also been trimmed back, making the screen more accessible. This extra space means higher accuracy when typing.

The fold-out double screen is 7.6 inches wide and boasts 374 pixels per inch. As if that wasn't enough, it also offers support for HDR10+. Both screens have a 120Hz refresh rate and use AMOLED.

User-Friendly Updates

Previous editions of fold phones attracted criticism from some reviewers and users due to the phone's layout. Some complained about the small size of the screen. Others complained the phone needed to be folded out before it could be used for anything. 

The Fold4 is now slightly longer and heavier, allowing more space for the main screen. It's 6.2 inches in length, bringing it more in line with other standard phone screens. That means you can more easily carry out regular tasks, like texting and emailing, without the need to fully unfold the phone. 

Multiple Glass Types

The Fold4 uses different glass types for its different screens. This variation in materials allows for flexibility and better durability. 

The cover screen is made from Gorilla Glass Victus+. This slightly tougher glass provides a layer of protection on the outside. It also protects somewhat against water, with the phone overall boasting an IPX8 water resistance rating, meaning it can be submerged temporarily without sustaining permanent damage. 

The fold screen makes use of Samsung's patented ultra-thin glass. This wafer-thin glass allows for a crystal-clear pixel display that's far superior to anything on a conventional phone screen. 

The super thin glass used for the fold screens contributes to picture quality and ensures you'll barely notice the crease when using this phone to its full potential. 


What Are the Best Features of the Galaxy Z Fold4

Cameras are more important than ever on the modern phone. And the new Fold4 knocks expectations out of the park with a triple punch. That's right, there are three cameras on the Fold4.

The fold offers plenty of features to help you get the best photos possible. When taking selfies, you can use the cover screen as a viewfinder to get better shots. 

The rear cameras consist of a 50-megapixel wide lens, a 10-megapixel telephoto lens, and a 12-megapixel ultrawide lens. This represents a huge jump from the Z Fold3 to the Z Fold4. 

The cameras are backed up by the latest tech, too. You'll benefit from background blur, edge detection, and better stabilization. With cameras this good, you can take nearly professional standard photographs on your own phone. 

This range of cameras provides the perfect blend of kit for taking pictures and videos. Not only are these new cameras the best that Samsung has to offer, but they also rival phones like the iPhone 13 Pro Max for photo and video quality. Even the selfie cam is one of the best on the market.

Standard Video

The standard video mode allows you to capture seriously high-definition clips. You'll get 8K video recording at 24 fps (4320 x 7680). It blows anything else on the phone market out of the water.

Night Photography

We've all been there. Out at night on a camping trip with family or in the city with friends. You want to take a picture to remember the moment, but your phone camera can't get a good snap due to low lighting levels.

The Nightography mode on the Fold4 completely obliterates that problem. The Super Night Solution feature heavily limits image noise. Meanwhile, a new processor works with the cameras to provide better lighting and color contrast to night-time snaps.  

Slow Motion

The new set of cameras allows you to take footage in slow motion. Slow things down and enjoy every detail. The slow-motion capabilities give you 1080p video support at 240 FPS. 


If you're the type of person who focuses on the fine details, the Fold4's camera setup is the right one for you. The hardware here offers you the chance to get high-resolution pictures. Afterward, use the detail enhancer function to change the depth and sharpness.


Samsung took the zoom function on their cameras to the next level. You can enjoy 30X space zoom along with Super Resolution Zoom. Even from a distance, you can get quality pictures.

As you might expect, the quality of the pictures degrades a little when you zoom in too far. But you can still count on relatively clear definition at up to 20x zoom.  


If you're paying good money for a phone, you'll want to be sure it won't break soon after you buy it. And with three screens, it might be easy to assume the Fold4 is an accident waiting to happen. But it's a little more durable than you might expect.

All screens are protected by a plastic coating. The front screen gets a little more protection since this is the area of the phone that would likely be taking the brunt of any drops.

The phone's exterior has been substantially bulked up. According to Samsung, the UTG panel has undergone changes in terms of material and manufacturing process. As a result, it's 45% stronger than previous models. 

The phone's outer frame is made from an aluminum armor frame. Everyone drops their phone from time to time, so it's good to know there's little protection for when accidents happen. 

Still, you won't get the protection you need without a proper case for your phone. 

S Pen Support

S Pen Support galaxy z fold4

The S Pen is an excellent accessory for many Samsung devices. It's a kind of advanced stylus that allows the user much greater control over their phone screen. It's perfect for those who like to use their phones for work or more elaborate projects, while it also has applications in mobile gaming. 

While the S Pen is best known for its use in conjunction with the Galaxy Note, the Z Fold4 offers S Pen support, too. The larger display is ideal for using the pen. 

You'll normally need to buy an S Pen separately from the phone, but pre-orders of the Fold4 will get you a free S Pen thrown in. Packages are available for a standing cover with S Pen. 


The S Pen isn't the only device that works seamlessly alongside the Fold4. There is a range of other Samsung devices that are fully compatible with the new phone.

Remember the new releases we mentioned earlier? Many of those have all-new sync capabilities with the Fold4. You can close an app on one device, then open it moments later on another device and pick up where you left off. 


Naturally, the focus on fold phones tends to be on their physical design. People are mostly interested in the folding method of the phone. But there's a lot of great stuff going on under the hood, too.

You can use a range of Android, Microsoft, and Google apps and you'll benefit from a full-screen view, similar to what you might expect from a tablet. A wide range of apps have been optimized and more are likely to follow. 

You'll also get a taskbar at the bottom of the screen. This allows you to easily jump from app to app. It means you can easily use a split screen mode or hop from window to window. 

The taskbar is customizable, so you can move the different apps around for maximum accessibility. The taskbar will even save your most used apps automatically, adding a new layer of convenience.

That's not all. You can choose to open as many as three apps at once, viewing them all on the screen at the same time. The opportunities for creativity and productivity when combining apps are practically unlimited. You could run a drawing app while watching an art tutorial on YouTube, for example. 


The new software adds some real muscle to the Fold4. It's safe to say this phone is now the best-performing phone in Samsung's arsenal. The new processing chip is paired with 12 GB of RAM, allowing the phone to run multiple powerful applications at the same time. 

The chipset used for this phone is the Android Qualcomm Snapdragon 8+ Gen 1 processor, a system mostly used for tablets. That means you'll be able to run more powerful programs than on most phones, thanks to its 64-bit quad-core processor. These custom chips are stronger than anything else in the mobile market right now. 

Storage is another impressive point. The phone comes with 256GB of internal storage as standard. You can get double that storage for free if you pre-order.

Even when playing the latest games, you'll be able to role with the highest frame rates and graphics settings. This phone has the capacity to give you the best gaming experience around, so you might as well make use of it. 

When it comes to getting online, the phone is equipped with 5G and Wifi 6-E. This provides you with a quality internet connection practically wherever you go. Reviewers have found that the Fold4 has superb levels of connectivity, even when taken out into the sticks. 

Safety and Security

This phone is packed with quality security and safety features. Samsung Knox provides a multi-layer defense system to keep you safe. 

 Knox allows you to customize your device's security and manage your devices remotely. Samsung has partnered with Google to ensure asset safety in recent years, and this increased security level has resulted in fewer security breaches.

It's still important to stay safe online and to invest in extra protection and insurance for your phone. But Samsung gives you a great starting point to keeping your phone as safe and secure as it can be. 


Samsung is now supporting a one-touch VIP access system. This fingerprint ID system means you can be sure you're the only one with access to your phone. 

It's convenient too. In the modern age when your face might be covered by a mask or a pair of sunglasses, this is an especially valuable option. And opening your phone with a touch of a finger is easier than typing in a code or drawing a pattern. 

Battery Life

One of the most common criticisms of previous fold phones was a lack of battery life. It's no use having a great phone like this if it can barely function for a few hours before shutting down.

The good news is that Samsung has put in a lot of effort to ensure battery life lasts longer for the Z Fold4. Even using the always-on display, users can get through a day of moderate to heavy phone use and still have plenty of battery life left over at the end of the day. 

The standard battery is a 4400 mAh dual-cell unit. For those in a hurry, the battery can fast charge with a USB-C. 

Reverse Wireless Charging

The Fold4 also benefits from the reverse wireless charging feature. Got another device that charges wirelessly? The Fold4 can function as a battery pack.


At $1,799, the Galaxy Z Fold4 is one of the higher-priced phones on the market. But its range of quality features and cutting-edge technology combine to ensure it's got much greater staying power.

Still, the price of the phone is likely to drop in the coming months. And with all the great features this phone offers, why not splash out a little? 

Samsung Pay

Society is increasingly ditching cash in favor of digital payment methods. Whether you like living in a cashless world or not, these changes are coming and it's best to adapt.

Samsung offers you the option to turn your phone into a digital wallet with Samsung Pay. You can hook up a bank account to your phone, then scan the screen at the checkout. You pay in an instant and there's no need to carry lots of credit cards or cash around with you. 

While Samsung Pay isn't exclusive to the Fold4, it is one of the more useful apps that Samsung offers. With the new larger front screen, it's easier than ever before to whip your phone out in a store and pay for what you need.

Environmental Impact

The impact of a phone on the environment is increasingly at the forefront of consumers' thinking. Luckily, those who buy the Fold4 can rest easy in the knowledge that they're reducing their carbon footprint.

At the Samsung Unpacked event, Samsung outlined its commitment to reducing its environmental impact. They unveiled a series of changes for their new line of products, including the Fold4.

You'll notice the phone comes in a smaller box than usual as the company looks to limit its use of paper. The company has also made a range of changes behind the scenes to reduce the environmental impact of its production and logistics processes. 

Looking Good

The Samsung Z Fold4 looks as good as it performs. With its sleeker body, it fits easily into the palm of a hand while boasting sleek curves and bold lines.

It's available in a choice of colors. You can choose between phantom black, graygreen, burgundy, and beige. It's only natural that a phone as good as this one should have the style to match. 

Of course, to get the most out of this phone's good looks, and to keep it protected too, you'll need a quality case. We offer a range of cases in different colors and styles to keep your fold phone looking good and ensure it doesn't break if you happen to drop it. 

Different Uses for the Z Fold4

Different Uses for the Z Fold4

Different phones work well for different people. The Fold4 suits a wide range of purposes, but it's best for...


Creative types can get a lot of joy out of this phone. It's perfect for creating art or projects on the go. The pen compatibility allows for creating quality projects, while the excellent set of cameras and the professional software to back them up can provide quality material. 


When you're on the road for long stretches of time, quality entertainment can be hard to come by. But when you can unfold your phone for movies or games, you can keep busy even on the longest flights or road trips. 


In today's high-tech, fast-paced working world, the average professional needs a little help to get ahead. The Fold4 has the capabilities and durability to help you in the world of business. 

The Latest Tech at the Push of a Button

The Galaxy Z Fold4 is one of the most impressive phones on the market. With its large screen, powerful software, and user-friendly features, it's perfect for phone lovers of all kinds.

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