Why You Need to Clean Your Phone Case


Most people simply can't live without their cell phone in today's modern world. We truly take our phones everywhere we go, even to the bathroom. Speaking of the bathroom, did you know your cell phone has 10 times the bacteria of a toilet seat? Let's take a look at a few more reasons why you need to clean your phone case on a regular basis.


The main reason why you need to clean your phone case is because of the bacteria previously mentioned. Your phone may have more than 20,000 germs per square inch and is 10 times dirtier than a toilet seat. When you consider the fact that you not only touch this device with your hands, but also put it up to your face, it gets really gross. All of the bacteria living on your phone will now be on your face, near your mouth, and near your ear. If you constantly get acne in these areas, your phone case being dirty could be the culprit. When you think about the fact that putting a toilet seat on your face would be cleaner than your phone, that is incentive enough to clean your case and screen on a regular basis.

Cold and Flu Season

Cold and flu season is another important reason to clean your phone. Think about all the things you touch throughout the day without washing your hands before touching your phone. From public door handles to grocery carts handles, the average person touches a lot of germy surfaces throughout the day and then touches their phone without thinking twice. Cold and flu season has germs all around you so cleaning your case regularly during this time may just help cut back on some of those icky germs.

Frequency of Use

Did you know the average American touches their phone at least 47 times a day? This makes the phone one of the most commonly used items throughout a person's day. This fact alone is reason enough to clean your case regularly. You should also think of all the people you let hold your phone, from your child watching their favorite videos to your friend as you show them pictures. Your phone is touched a lot, and not just by you, so regularly cleaning it is crucial.

Michelle Hu
Michelle Hu was previously the e-Commerce Director at SUPCASE, i-Blason's sister brand.

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