Your Guide to the Different Types of Phone Cases

There is nothing more heart-stopping than accidentally dropping your phone on the ground. This isn’t a rare occurrence for most people. Did you know that the average American will drop their phone at least four times a week?

A phone case is one way that you can protect your investment. With so many options, you may be wondering about the different types of phone cases available for your phone.

We break down how to choose a phone case that is right for your life in this guide. 

Before You Shop

If you are wondering how to choose a phone case, you’ve come to the right place! Although it’s tempting to buy the first cute phone case you see, there are a few key features you need to consider before you make your purchase.

Phone Protection

The main job of a phone case is to keep it safe from slips and spills. Your lifestyle may dictate just how much protection you need.

Many phone cases are great for everyday life situations. Other types of phone cases have more protective features that can keep your phone safe in more extreme situations.

Colors And Designs

Although a phone case’s main job is to keep your phone from cracking, the colors and designs can be a fun added bonus! Many phone cases come in more designs and colors than you can imagine!

Some phone cases are transparent, letting your sleek phone take center stage. Others come in a variety of prints, images, and colors. 

Types Of Phone Cases

There are many different options to choose from when it comes to phone protection. From lightweight and stylish to functional and heavy-duty, there is a phone case that will suit your needs perfectly if you know what to look for.

Hard Plastic Phone Cases

If a lightweight style is what you are looking for, you may be the perfect candidate for a hard plastic phone case. Let’s first take a look at the construction of these types of cases.

Thermoplastic polyurethane or TPU is the material of choice for hard plastic phone cases. Rubber and plastic are combined to make this type of plastic.

Because of the mix of materials, a phone case made of this material is rigid but still has some flexibility. This type of case is also durable and holds up well to scratches and falls. Most TPU cases can keep a phone safe from drops up to ten feet!

Hard plastic phone cases are made to fit a specific type of phone. Are you a fan of wireless charging devices? This phone case material is thin enough to allow you to do just that.

You can install a hard plastic phone case in a snap! These cases come in one piece and fit over the back casing of your phone. The lighter weight of the plastic means you don't have to deal with a bulky phone case.

Because of the nature of TPU, these phone cases come in a wide variety of styles and finishes. These cases can match any look you are looking for from shiny to matte and with almost any design under the sun.

The smooth back of a hard plastic phone case makes them ideal for accessories. Try adding a ring holder to the back to make holding on to your phone a breeze.

Silicone Phone Cases 

Soft and flexible, silicone phone cases are another popular option among phone users. Silicone is very light but also comfortable to hold all day. Another benefit of silicone is that it naturally has a non-slip texture.

This type of phone case can bend and twist due to the makeup of silicone. It does a great job at protecting your phone from accidental drops because it absorbs the shock.

Like the hard plastic cases, you have to buy a silicone phone case that will match your specific phone style. This means your phone case will be able to fit the different openings and features of your particular phone type.

Even though you may not want to admit it, your phone is one of the dirtiest objects that you own. Silicone cases are antimicrobial which can help keep germs away. You can also wash most of these cases to keep them clean.

Silicone cases don't have to be boring! These types of cases come in many different colors and styles.

Keep in mind that these phone cases don't typically come with a screen protector. Screen protectors are essential to keep your screen from cracking in a tumble. Luckily, you can buy one yourself to keep your screen intact. 

Rugged Phone Case

Are you someone who drops your phone a lot or works in a job that exposes your phone to the elements? If so, you may be in the market for a rugged phone case.

These types of iPhone cases can come in a few different formats. Rugged cases are usually made with two pieces that snap together forming a protective layer around your phone. Some of these types of cases also come with a built-in screen protector.

Rugged phone cases are not known for being slim. Because they aren’t stored in pockets, many of these types of phone cases come with clips for your belt. Some of these double as a kickstand so you can prop your phone up.

If you buy a rugged phone case, you may see that it is MIL-STD-810G certified. This means that it has gone through a series of tests and is classified as combat-ready. When you see this rating, you’ll know that your phone can withstand almost anything life throws at it.

One downfall of rugged cases is their appearance. Durability is the priority here, not style. While you’ll have some choice in color, there aren’t many styles or designs to choose from with this type of phone case.

All hope isn’t lost if you do want to personalize your rugged phone case. You can buy skins and stickers made for these types of cases to give them some flair.

Wallet Phone Case

If practicality is something you enjoy, the best phone case for you will be one with a built-in wallet. These cases are top of their game in function. Besides protecting your phone, they also offer a place for you to keep your cash and credit cards. 

Many of these cases fit over your entire phone and open up to reveal a side with places for your money. The front flap on these cases also gives your screen some extra protection. Some of these cases come with a wrist strap for easy carrying.

Few people are far from their phones. This means wallet phone cases keep all your valuables close to you. The extra padding your cash and cards provide gives your phone extra shock absorption in the event of a fall.

These cases tend to be a little bigger than other cases. You may have trouble fitting this style of phone case in your pocket because of the extra bulk.

Alternative Material Phone Cases

If none of the above phone cases fit your style, you may want to look into a phone case made of alternative material.

Seeking a high-end feel to your phone case? Leather may be an excellent fit for you! This luxe style usually comes with a firmer inside and a leather outer case.

If you aren’t worried about keeping your phone safe, try a phone skin out for size. Skins are decals for your phone that have almost any design you can imagine on them. As an added bonus, phone skins help keep scratches at bay.

Are you someone who works near water? You may want to test out a waterproof case. These cases are bulkier than other cases but can keep your phone safe from water exposure.

Does the battery on your phone die quickly? If so, you can take advantage of a battery phone case. These cases have a built-in battery so your phone can have extra life. 

With So Many Choices, You’re Bound To Find The Perfect Phone Case For You!

With so many types of phone cases available, it can be a challenge to figure out which one is right for you. Have fun with the process and enjoy browsing the different styles and design choices available for your style of phone.

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