7 Reasons Why You Need an Apple Watch Case

According to some of the latest Apple statistics, the company sold 43 million Apple Watches in 2020 alone. The first Apple Watch was released in 2015, and the new Series 8 features some impressive features and innovations. 

Despite being touted by the company as the most durable model yet, you might want to invest in an Apple Watch case. After all, you wear it every day, so you want it to last! 

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Here are seven reasons to get a case for your Apple Watch and tips for finding the right one. 

1. Apple Watches Are Expensive

7 Reasons Why You Need an Apple Watch Case

Apple is a leader in the world of technology, but its products aren't cheap. 

The company has a good reputation for quality, and millions of people love its products. 

There's certainly strong loyalty in the Apple community. In fact, the premium is known as the Apple tax, or a consumer's willingness to pay more for the brand. 

Think about some of your most expensive electronics for a moment. You likely have a bag for your laptop, a case for your phone, protection for your AirPods, and so on. If you paid a lot for your possessions, you want to protect them. 

As of November 2022, the Series 8 starts at $399 for GPS and $499 for GPS and cellular. You can save on the Series 7 right now, but still expect to pay around $300. 

There's nothing worse than buying a new Apple product and damaging it because you didn't get the right protection. 

2. It Protects Your Watch While Outside

Most people rely on their Apple Watches to help them get healthier and track key data, like heart rate and sleep cycles. While Apple Watches can hold up to everyday use, taking such an expensive gadget out camping or waterskiing is always a risk. 

Your watch is exposed to the elements while outside, from dirt and mud to water and rain. Plus, you might accidentally hit your watch against something. 

The Apple Watch display is made of very durable materials and is resistant to both water and scratches, but it's always better to be safe. Being water resistant doesn't mean it's waterproof. However, you can always invest in a waterproof case for ultimate protection. 

Cases also protect your screen from dings, scrapes, and scratches, especially if you buy a rugged case designed to withstand anything. Whether you're camping, hiking, or rock climbing, you'll feel better knowing you have that added layer of protection. 

3. There Are Many Types of Apple Watch Cases

There Are Many Types of Apple Watch Cases

You can find Apple Watch cases in a variety of different colors, patterns, and materials. Hence, there's a case out there for those who love fun patterns or those who prefer professional-looking ones.

The bands come in various materials, and it always pays to have a few styles for different occasions. 

Silicone bands are great for anyone hitting the gym and planning to sweat it out. Silicone is easy to clean as well. 

Many love nylon bands because the material feels comfortable against their skin. Nylon is mostly water resistant and also quite affordable. Nylon is also a little classier than silicone, which makes it a great choice for transitioning from the gym to the office.

Leather is a high-end material giving your Apple Watch a classy and sleek look. It's ideal for those who want to make a good first impression, professionals, and anyone wanting to pair their watch with formal wear. While leather is more expensive, it also lasts.

4. Showcase Your Personality With Colors and Patterns

Do you love to accessorize and show the world what kind of person you are? Maybe you like to brighten a room with bold colors, or you want a watch band with a cute animal print. The accessories you wear say a lot about your personality. 

In fact, what we wear sends social signals or non-verbal cues that impact how people perceive us. 

Take a moment to think about how you want the world to see you and what signals you want to send. Then see how you can do that through your personal style. 

If you want people to notice you and you're feeling confident, then you might wear a sparkly, blingy watch band. If you want to nail an interview, a classy leather watch case can make a positive first impression.

5. You Can Change the Look of Your Apple Watch

Since there are so many styles and materials to choose from, consider investing in a few smartwatch cases. For instance, you might want a silicone band and case for the gym and another style for work, such as a sleek black case

Regardless, it's so easy to completely change the look of your watch. You're not limited to one design or style anymore. You'll never get bored of the way your watch looks, or if you do, it's easy to swap out and get another case. 

Since you'll be wearing your Apple Watch every day, you want it to look good. You can also think of your watch as your wardrobe. You don't wear the same outfit every day, so why should you have the same watch every day?

6. You Can Find a Case at Any Price Point

You Can Change the Look of Your Apple Watch

You might be thinking, "I spent so much on my Apple Watch, and now I need to pay for accessories?" 

Buying a case for an Apple Watch is an investment. The case will help protect your device from wear and tear. 

Plus, you can easily find a case for your watch at any price point. There are cases for around $20 or less and cases for hundreds of dollars. Luxury and designer cases cost more, but if you're looking for something you can wear every day and switch out when you feel like it, you have plenty of choices

If you feel like splurging, you can find Apple Watch cases by famous designers, gold-plated styles, or cases designed to hold up to even the strongest shocks and bumps. 

7. Match Your Phone to Your Watch

Learning to accessorize is one of the hardest parts of fashion. How can you bring your look together that looks intentional and stylish? 

Matching accessories is the easiest way to do so.

These days, with so many case options on the market, it's simple to match your phone case with your Apple Watch. 

Every time you take out your phone, people will admire the way it goes with your watch. It's a simple and surefire way to look stylish everywhere you go.  

If you really want to pull off a match, buy your phone case and Apple Watch case at the same time. If you buy them both from the same place, you can be sure the colors and patterns will go together. 

What Should You Look For in an Apple Watch Case?

Now that you know some of the benefits of buying an Apple Watch case, it's time to find the right one. Here are some of the biggest considerations to think about when shopping. 


The primary purpose of the case is to protect your device. Therefore, the best Apple Watch case offers reliable protection.

You have a few options, including hard cases, shock-absorbing rubber, plastic, and more. If you need superior protection, look for rugged cases designed to handle bumps and drops. 

Color and Style

Do you want a clear protector or a specific color? Clear cases allow you to enjoy the look of your original watch, while color options give you more choices. 

You also want to consider whether you want a protective screen. Some screens may reduce the touch responsiveness. Cases without a screen protector usually have raised bezels. 

Apple Watch Bands

Apple Watch Bands

Many Apple Watch cases snap directly onto your watch. However, you can also find styles with a band or strap included as well. 

The choice is up to you. If you want something you can easily match with your iPhone, consider getting a case with a colorful or patterned band. If you like the sleek look of your watch and want it minimalist, try getting a clear case. 


You want to buy a case that lasts you as long as you have your Apple Watch. Avoid cheaply made cases and buy from a company that stands behind its products. 

After all, you don't want your band to start fraying or your case to mess with your display. After spending so much on your watch, you definitely want to go the extra mile with the case as well. 

Stylish and Functional

There are many reasons to in an Apple Watch case, as we've outlined here. Most importantly, you want to protect your device. 

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