Cute AirPods Pro Case Options (and Beyond)

In 2021, Apple sold 27 million pairs of AirPods during the holiday season alone. Now that so many people already have AirPods, what's the next best gift to buy them?

It's important to consider practicality and aesthetics when it comes to a gift for a loved one. Sure, they might enjoy a gift card or a handmade coupon book, but those seem tried and tested before. What kind of gift adds value to something they already have and use every day?

Why Buy a Cute AirPods Pro Case as a Gift?

Folks know Apple products for three things: Their quality, their expensive prices, and their fragility. Of course, people want the best products, but they need to protect their investments. Right now, people without AirPods Pro cases risk losing a $250 investment.

While it may feel impersonal to buy an AirPods case as a gift, taking interest in a loved one's tech investment makes them feel valued. Buying an AirPods Pro case as a gift says, "Hey, the time you spent earning money to buy those AirPods is valuable. Let's keep them safe."

Getting AirPods Pro cases from i-Blason says the same thing and more. The trendy color and pattern options tell loved ones that, despite everything they give, they still deserve to get nice things. Even if it doesn't happen as often as it should, they deserve to feel lavish, stylish, and spoiled.

Cosmo Classic

cosmo airpods pro case

The Cosmo Classic is a perfectly fitting slim case with a gorgeous geometric marble design that comes in five stunning color combinations.

The Cosmo Classic features some impressive technical specs as well. This model challenges other products with its full range of safety and security features:

  • • Impact-resistant TPU material to prevent scratches, bumps, and falls
  • • PU leather wrist strap to deter theft and protect against loss
  • • LED light and wireless charging features
  • • i-Blason's complete 1-year warranty

The Duchess

the duchess airpods pro case

The Duchess is by far i-Blason's most luxurious-looking AirPods Pro case. The Duchess is a beautiful soft skin case featuring a sleek, pebble-like design with anti-slip ridges.

This case comes in one regal color, a bright teal complemented with gorgeous gold accents. On the front, it features a golden lock, and on the back, an intricate baroque design that would make any loved one marvel at its beauty.

Made of durable flexible TPU material to provide lightweight protection from scratches, bumps, and drops, the Duchess keeps Apple AirPods safe and looks new for longer. Keep your AirPods Pro safe while on the go and during work or play without losing functionality or showing any bulkiness from traditional protective cases.


omg iblason airpods pro case

While many people enjoy style and luxury, others prefer gifts that are classic and timeless. That is where the i-Blason OMG case shines.

As one of i-Blason’s latest lines, the OMG is an affordable, protective case that comes in 5 sleek, matte colors. Choose from:

  • • Black
  • • Dark Green
  • • Purple
  • • Red
  • • White

The OMG case is outstanding for its utility. The case comes with a steel carabiner for secure fastening to belt loops, backpacks, or keychains. It also features practical specs like:

  • • Silicone outer-lining to protect from scratches, bumps, and falls
  • • Wireless charging support
  • • Charging port dust cover

Other Accessories for Apple Products

While a cute AirPods Pro case is an ideal gift, not all people have AirPods. Or, if they do, they might already have a case they prefer.

i-Blason is prepared for that situation with their full line of accessories for Apple products. From lightning cables to iPhone cases and iPad keyboards, i-Blason carries stylish, feminine Apple accessories to suit the needs of your loved one. 

i-Blason Cases for Your Devices

i-Blason offers stylish cases to protect the full range of Apple products. We've already covered AirPods cases, but i-Blason also offers iPhone, Macbook, Apple Watch, and iPad cases to protect your electronics.

But, that's not even the best part. All the different accessories come in complementary colors and designs. The Cosmo Classic AirPods Pro case has a matching iPhone case, Air Tag, and even a USB charging port. That means gift buyers can choose from an array of cases to coordinate and personalize their gift selections so their loved one stays cute and trendy.

MagSafe Charger Phone Stand

magsafe charger

The MagSafe stand is compatible with both iPhone and Android phones. It has a built-in cable management system that keeps cords out of sight and organized so that iPhones can charge without getting tangled up in wires. When paired with the MagSafe case, the iPhone sticks to the stand for hands-free use while charging.

The MagSafe Charger Phone Stand is made from polycarbonate so it’s durable, lightweight, and will last for years. Also, rubber padding stabilizes the stand's legs so it doesn't slide or fall off nightstands, desks, or countertops.

AirTag Holders

cosmo airtag case

The i-Blason AirTag holder makes organizing tech gear simple and chic. Apple AirTags make it easy to locate lost or misplaced items using GPS technology. But, without an AirTag holder, it's just as easy to misplace the AirTag itself.

i-Blason carries a line of chic AirTag holders with keyrings that attach to a purse, backpack, or laptop case with ease. The PU leather keychain protects the AirTag from scrapes and snaps on in a breeze. They even have a cutout to showcase personal AirTag engravings or the Apple logo.

Power Banks

iblason powerbank

Everyone, no matter their generation, is constantly attached to their phones in the digital age. So, like most people, sometimes one charge just isn't enough to last a whole day.

Luckily, i-Blason has a solution for that problem. One of i-Blason’s newer products is their power banks. i-Blason currently offers power banks in two different capacities:

  1. 1. 2 Port 5200 mAh Power Bank (24.95)
  2. 2. Port 7800 mAh Power Bank ($34.95)

The first includes a smaller battery that holds a single phone or iPad charge. The second has a bigger battery that holds up to 2 charges. Both options come in 3 stunning matte colors; White, orange, and steel gray.

How to Pick the Right Gift for Anyone

With so many style options to choose from, it's hard to pick a new AirPods case that's perfect for everyone. There are a few gift-buying ideas that can help narrow down the types of presents they would enjoy.

Do Some Style Recon

check women's style

Understanding someone's style makes it easier to choose AirPods Pro case patterns they will love. Pay close attention to their style by watching how they dress, checking out their social media sites like Instagram, and even observing their home decor.

Babble With Their Buddies

talk with friends

Don't be afraid to ask for input from some people close to the gift recipient. Their friends, relatives, and significant others know them well enough to help pick out the perfect gift. Just make sure they can keep a secret before asking.

Get it Straight From the Source

ocean airpods pro

It might not be ideal, but the option to ask "Do you like this cute AirPods Pro case?" is always available. Sure, it takes the surprise out of it. But, at least they'll be happy with their new gift.

Buy an AirPods Case and More at i-Blason Today

airpods pro case i-blason cosmo collection

Looking for the best gift ideas for holidays, birthdays, or just to show someone they are loved? Look no further from our newest Apple watch bands, high-quality phone cases, and cute AirPods Pro cases.
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