Let's Talk: How to Choose the Best Samsung Galaxy S20 Plus Case

Samsung phones have a history of being sought after.

The Samsung Galaxy S20 Plus was the third most popular Android phone during the first quarter of sales for its release. Modern and innovative. The Samsung S20 line of phones set the stage for the next generation of mobile technology. 

With its sleek design and an array of appealing features, it's not hard to see why. Protecting your phone should be a top priority, but with so many types and styles to choose from, you might have some difficulty with trying to pick out the right S20 Plus case for you.

In this guide, we'll explain how to choose a Samsung Galaxy S20 Plus case.

If you are interested in learning more about which S20 Plus case is right for you, keep reading to discover more about the different types of phone cases available for the Samsung Galaxy S20 Plus. 

How to Choose a Samsung Galaxy S20 Plus Case

When choosing an S20 Plus case, there are many types of phone cases available to consider. Phone cases can vary from bulkier protective cases to decorative slimmer cases. From rugged protective cases to trendy and attractively designed cases, there's something to fit everyone's tastes and styles. 

You will also want to take into account the amount of use your phone gets and factor in how much your phone may accidentally fall or get dropped over the course of your average day. If you're more outdoorsy, you might want to opt for a stronger protective case. 

Screen protectors come included with many cases and are a must-have in order to fully protect your phone's screen from breaking. One of the leading causes of damage from drops and falls.

An S20 Plus case is an investment to keep your phone looking good while keeping it safe from accidental drops and falls. With these cases for S20 Plus, your Samsung Galaxy phone will be running smoothly and safely.

Here are some of the top S20 Plus cases.

Wallet Cases

Wallet cases offer three distinct features for your phone.

They are protective for your phone from standard drops and falls. But they also guard against your phone getting damaged by other items in your purse or pocket, such as your keys scraping against the back of the phone. 

They can also double as a cardholder, replacing the need for bulky wallets. Some wallet cases are full folio fold style with multiple card slots. While others have a built-in card slot for holding your driver's license and primary credit or debit card. 

Third, they are decorative. Featuring elegant patterns, they can add to your fashion repertoire.

This Galaxy S20 Plus Wallet Case is fashionable and functional. Compatible with wireless charging, this wallet case can hold 2 cards. It's easy to put on with a snap-on case and is scrape and scratch-resistant.

Rugged Cases

A rugged case is the best Samsung Galaxy S20 case for providing extra protection from drops and spills. 

Rugged cases are wireless charging compatible. They are equipped for heavy-duty use with impact-resistant bumpers and port covers.

Made from heavy-duty plastic or silicone, these phone cases absorb more of the shock from accidental falls and drops. 

CNET certified and drop-tested for up to 20 feet, rugged cases will keep your phone performing and looking good. The full-body protective design will also keep out dirt and dust.

A built-in screen protector can provide additional protection for your phone's most vulnerable features, while still being compatible with your fingerprint scanner.

Ideal for high-impact activities such as biking, hiking, and other outdoor activities where your phone may be prone to falling, tumbling, or getting dropped. Or if your job involves any work environment that will be rough on your phone with any dust, dirt, or drops and falls.

Perfect for young kids and teenagers, too, who can be especially hard on their phones and may be prone to excessive drops.

Decorative Cases

A decorative Samsung Galaxy S20 phone case will still provide protection for your phone while transforming it into the ultimate fashion accessory.

Drab phone cases are a thing of the past for the sophisticated fashionista. Decorative phone cases now come in a variety of colors and patterns as unique as you are. 

Most cases are super thin, so you don't have to worry about a bulky S20 Plus case taking up more space in your purse or pocket. Yet, these phone cases are still able to absorb impact from drops and falls up to 10 feet. 

Impact-resistant TPU bumpers improve your grip from accidental slips and provide a barrier between your phone and the ground. It also offers sturdy protection from bumps. It is scrape and scratch resistant as well. 

Built-in screen protector guards your screen against breaking and supports the fingerprint scanning feature. The raised bezels protects your screen and camera lens off damaging surfaces.

Precise cut-outs and elevated buttons add to its ease of use.

Folio Cases

Folio cases offer a full level of protection for your Galaxy S20 Plus. Folio cases cover the back and sides of your phone with a wraparound flap that covers your phone's screen when it is not in use. 

The front cover fastens with a strap that snaps to hold the cover in place on the phone. Or it can utilize a set of magnets to hold the cover shut. A folio-style S20 Plus case also has multiple accordion folds that help it double as a foldable phone stand for landscape viewing. 

The cover can fold back behind the phone when it is in use. The cover can act as a mechanism that wakes up the phone when it is opened.

Folio cases allow for wireless charging. They are not as durable as other protective cases, but they are multifunctional in other ways. 

Additional features of a folio phone case may have a small window on the outer edge of the front of the case to allow the user to view the time, battery percentage, and date, as well as incoming texts, notifications, or phone calls. 

Folio cases incorporate the features of built-in or detachable wallets for 2-in-1 use. With multiple card slots on the inner part of the front cover and a pocket for cash. This can reduce the need to carry a wallet with your phone.

Folio cases are made from genuine or synthetic leather, suede, or other fabrics with cutouts for the camera lenses. Some come with an internal TPU plastic shell for the phone. They can block RFID and EMF signals so your bank card information cannot be transmitted. 

Folio cases for phones are more decorative with glittery designs, bright colors, and vibrant patterns. The outer portion comes with a strap or chain to hold like a clutch wallet.  

Kickstand Cases

A take on the rugged TPU protective cases, this style of S20 Plus case comes equipped with a plastic or metal piece that sits within the case's back housing, in addition to the sturdy outer case.

Thinner phone cases are also designed for kickstand abilities. Clear and colored case options give you choices when selecting your S20 Plus case.

When needed, it can be snapped out to prop up your phone for a horizontal or vertical viewing angle and snapped back in when not in use.

Perfect for watching movies and videos or for checking on-screen notifications hands-free. A kickstand case for your Samsung Galaxy S20 phone case will allow for maximum stability.  

Ring holder kickstand cases offer the dual purpose of being a kickstand combined with a 360-degree turning ring for holding your phone comfortably and securely in your hand.

Certain cases for S20 Plus have built-in magnetic capabilities which also allow them to be mounted on a magnetic car holder. Holster clips attached to the phone allow them to be worn on belts. The case can also hold a small amount of cash or bank cards in the space behind the kickstand.

Some designs of kickstand cases may also have a swivel feature where the phone can spin around in all directions for optimal viewing. A kickstand can be adjusted up to 60 degrees for multiple viewing angles.

The raised screen and beveled camera edges guard against damage from scratches and liquids on a flat surface. 

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