Let's Talk Personality: The Best Aesthetic Phone Cases We Love for 2022

Our phones are our life. Research has shown that the average amount of cellphone use is 5.4 hours daily. It's estimated that phones are checked upwards of 63 times per day.

With all of the use that cell phones get, it's important to protect these electronic extensions of ourselves. But you don't have to settle for a boring and bland case. These days, cases for cellphones can be functional as well as fashionable.

Aesthetic phone cases help you to express yourself. If you're interested in learning about aesthetic phone cases, keep reading to discover more trendy phone cases to showcase your style.

How To Choose A Phone Case

There are several products available for protecting or customizing your phone. Each one serves a different purpose. Before you choose a phone case, you should understand the differences between these items.

Types Of Phone Protection Accessories

  • Covers
  • Skins
  • Screen protectors
  • Cases

Covers are a multipurpose accessory that envelopes the phone's front, back, and sides. These are often incorporated into built-in wallet designs. They close over the front of the phone when it is not in use.

Skins are adhesive design stickers that go on the outside of your phone. They are primarily for decorative purposes to change the out appearance of a phone. Skins do not provide much protection for your phone aside from minor scuffs and scratches.

Screen protectors are thin pieces of tempered glass or plastic that go over the screen part only on the front of a phone. Their sole purpose is to prevent the screen from cracking or shattering in the event of a phone dropping.

A case is a term used to denote any form of exterior enclosure that secures your phone's back and sides to safeguard it from drop damage. Cases can be made of sturdy plastic TPU, silicone, metals such as aluminum and titanium, synthetics, leather, and even wood, like bamboo. The types of case materials vary based on individual preference to create personal aesthetic phone cases.

It is important to ensure that your phone case offers a proper fit and isn't too loose around your phone or it will not provide the appropriate level of protection. Most cases provide textured grip support that helps you hold onto your phone better than the standard smooth design of a caseless phone.

Phone cases also offer protection from accidental drops and falls. Some cases are stronger and have more prominent protective features, like OtterBox. While aesthetic phone cases offer protection without the bulky and thick case designs.

Aesthetic phone cases allow you to keep your phone in good condition and they are personalizable to match your style tastes.

Aesthetic Phone Cases

For popular cellphone brands such as Samsung, LG, Motorola, and Google there are a wide variety of Android phone models to choose from. This means that there are an equal number of unique phone cases to choose from. Here are some of our favorite aesthetic phone cases for Android.

Moto G Stylus Cosmo - Marble Pink

This stylish full-body case for the Moto G Stylus 2020 model gives the appearance of pink marble. Made of TPU, it is drop resistant up to 10 feet. Compatible with wireless charging.

Includes a built-in screen protector for superior safekeeping. Precision cutouts and raised bezeling make accessing your phone simple while still keeping your camera lens and touchscreen away from harm.

Galaxy Z Fold3 Cosmo - Ocean Blue

Compatible with the Galaxy Z Fold3 5G 2021 model. A marbled ocean blue case is equipped with TPU  bumper corners to prevent damage from drops, falls, or bumps. Snap-on two-piece case with a built-in screen protector.

Suitable for use with wireless chargers. Lifted faceplate and camera lens. Also available in Marble Pink.

Galaxy Z Flip3 Cosmo - Marble Purple

Compatible with the Galaxy Z Flip3 5G 2021 model phone. In a marbled purple pattern with rose gold accent lines. This two-piece case snaps on for easy use.

TPU plastic bumpers for drop and fall protection. Screen and camera lens elevation. Also available in Ocean Blue and Marble Pink.

Aesthetic iPhone Cases

While an iPhone is now manufactured with a sturdier screen that is up to 4x more resistant to drop damage, it is still highly recommended to put it in a protective case.

Luckily, you can also be in style with trendy phone cases for your Apple products. Here are some of our favorite aesthetic iPhone cases.

iPhone 13 Pro Max Cosmo Case - Butterfly

Fits the iPhone 13 Pro Max 6.7" 2021 model. A dazzling blue butterfly wing with gold outlines and details graces the lower portion of this full-body case. TPU bumpers for fall and drop protection up to 10 feet.

Built-in screen protector. The case is resistant to scrapes and scratches. Adaptable to most wireless chargers.

iPhone 13 Pro Max Cosmo Case - BlueFly

Compatible with the iPhone 13 Pro Max 6.7" 2021 model. Continuing with the theme of butterflies, this transparent iPhone case features several sizes of blue, turquoise, and silver butterflies fluttering across the back. Scrape and scratch-resistant design with a built-in screen protector.

Suited for most wireless chargers. 10-foot drop resistance and TPU bumpers for protection. Full-body construction.

iPhone 13 Pro Max Halo Case - Bouquet Purple

Fits the iPhone 13 Pro Max 6.7" 2021 model. Branches of delicate white and violet flowers extend across the back of this clear designed snap-on case. TPU bumpers protect against damage from drops and falls.

Secure grip modeling assures that the phone stays safely in your hand. Wireless charging capable.

iPhone 13 Pro Max Halo Case - Green Hummingbird

For the iPhone 13 Pro Max 6.7" 2021 model. A dainty little green hummingbird flits across the back of this transparent iPhone case amidst green leaves with gold trim. Easy to install snap-on case.

Compatible for wireless charging. Grip bumper design makes for a safe and sturdy grasp of your phone. 

iPhone 13 Pro Max Halo Case - Rose Black

For the iPhone 13 Pro Max 6.7" 2021 model. Striking reddish flowers stand out amongst a background of grey-toned flowers. 

Compatible for wireless charging. Secure hold bumpers allow for a firm grip on your phone.

Stylish Cases And Accessories For Cellphones And More At i-Blason

There are so many beautiful aesthetic phone cases available. You are certain to find the one that speaks to your sense of style and is perfect for your needs.

At i-Blason, we have a wide selection of iPhone and Android cases to choose from. We also carry cases for smartwatches, tablets, earbuds, and MacBooks. 

Check out our website for more great cases and accessories at affordable prices. Protect your electronic devices and look good at the same time, with i-Blason. 

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