The Best iPhone 13 Cases for Protecting Your Device

With the cost of the iPhone 13, you want to know what the best iPhone 13 cases available are. You need a case that’s going to stand up to your busy lifestyle. A case that protects beyond measure and looks good while doing it. But, with all the choices available out there, it can be hard to find the right case for your phone. 

That’s why we’ve compiled a list of the top cases for your iPhone 13. Sure to keep your phone safe from falls, cracks, and shattering, you’re bound to find one you love on the list before. And, just because it’s the iPhone 13, we’ve included the 13 best-reviewed cases available for you to buy. 

Have a look through the list below to find the best iPhone 13 cases that work to suit your lifestyle.

1. iPhone 13 Cosmo Wallet Case

iPhone 13 Cosmo Wallet Case

If you’re still searching for your perfect case, this one really can’t be beaten. With great options for protection, plus card holder accessories, it’s a convenient and affordable case that can really stop your phone from getting damaged. 

The casing is resistant to all kinds of scratches and dents, so it will always look brand new even if you’ve had it for years. It’s super easy to install, and wireless charging is available after the card slot is empty.

This is the perfect case for added protection, shock resistance, and keeping your phone in top condition. It’s also visually stunning, and you have a range of colors and options to choose from. 

2. i-Blason iPhone 13 Pro Cosmo Snap Case

 i-Blason iPhone 13 Pro Cosmo Snap Case

Best for: Something different

A perfect fit for your pocket, this case makes colorful and sleek protection easy.  It offers perfect protection while covering your phone with a gorgeous design. This technologically-enhanced case is sure to keep your phone crack and shatter-free. 

You’ll love the way the buttons of your phone grip seamlessly to this case for ideal comfort and full body use. 

This case also has a wonderfully soft and sleek feel to it, so you’ll feel like your phone has no case at all while still getting the best protection available. 

One feature of this case that makes it stand out above the rest is the built-in ring that doubles as a phone back. This is how this subtle phone case can stay so sleek. You can hold on to it and have a great-looking phone while doing it. The back is designed to be shock absorbent. This protects your phone from any kind of serious fall. 

3. iPhone 13 Pro Max Halo Case

iPhone 13 Pro Max Halo Case

Best for: Screen protection

If your front screen is in constant danger of breaking, then this could be the case for you. It's a great case for preventing iPhone damage. 

This case offers a gorgeous slim fit design to perfectly wrap your phone in its infinite layers of protection. The crack and shock-resistant materials embedded into this case make sure you never have to worry about front screen or overall phone damage after a drop. 

You’ll have a phone case that is both shock absorbent and resistant. So, when your phone inevitably slips from your grasp, rest assured it’s protected by a carefully engineered cushion.

It’s also a stylish case that comes in a gorgeous range of colors. So if you want a phone that protects well and looks amazing, this one's for you.

4. Apple iPhone 13 Case With MagSafe

Apple iPhone 13 Case With MagSafe

Best for: Shock absorption

This is an extremely secure case and works perfectly for those whose phone tends to hit the ground a little too often. It's one of the best iPhone case options. 

This is a silicone case with MagSafe technology. So it offers you the best protection for your phone. 

The microfiber lining inside offers further protection from drops and cracks. It’s a very comfortable case, and its soft finish will sit really well in your hand. 

What’s excellent about this case is that it will allow you to charge your iPhone wirelessly while remaining on. The magnets built into its lining ensure your phone won’t miss a beat when it comes to wireless charging. 

You have a range of choices for the color of your case, so you’ll never struggle to find one that suits you and your phone. And, as an Apple product, the case is rigorously tested to ensure it offers you the best defense against cracks, shattering, and unexpected drops. 

5. Razer Arctech Pro Case

Razer Arctech Pro Case

Best for: Crack repellent

Cracks are not only damaging to your phone, but they look bad too. That’s why this case is perfect for anyone who would rather not risk it. 

This case is perfect for those looking to reduce the heat burden their phone could be facing. Overheating can be incredibly damaging for cell phones, so you want a case that can protect and keep your phone cool.

The Razer Arctech Pro case will allow your phone to cool down and still keep it carefully protected, which will improve your phone’s overall performance. 

The case works to redirect heat from your phone. It features a lining that is thermally conductive right beside your phone's air channels. This allows your phone to cool down much faster and much more efficiently. 

Now, you might be thinking “won’t all this extra heat protection mess with my Wi-fi connection?" Thankfully, the engineers have thought of everything. They have optimized network performance, making it a top priority that your phone always has the best connection. 

You’ll also love the ability to charge your phone wirelessly with this case. It works perfectly with Qi phone chargers, so you can just set your phone on and leave it to get a full battery. 

But the best feature about this case is that it does exactly what you want a case to do; it protects your phone. It’s been drop tested from a height of 10ft, so you know you can trust this case to keep your phone crack-free.

This case also features shock-absorbent side panels to reduce any risk of your phone shattering or the camera being damaged. 

6. Kate Spade New York Protective Hardshell Case for MagSafe for iPhone 13

Kate Spade New York Protective Hardshell Case for MagSafe for iPhone 13

Image credit: perfectmargins via eBay

Best for: Style

One of the most gorgeous cases out there, this one will for sure make all your friends jealous. 

Along with being shockingly stylish, this case features a shock-resistant bumper plus a two-piece hardshell. Both of these features will allow your case to protect every corner of your phone. 

You’ll love how light and sleek this case feels around your phone and in your hand. Designed to be as lightweight as possible, you could get away without noticing it’s there. That is, if it wasn’t designed with Kate Spade’s iconic graphics, which are sure to wow anyone who sees them. 

This case is also fitted with MagSafe technology so you can charge your phone case-on with compatible devices. 

7. Speck CandyShell Pro

Speck CandyShell Pro

Image credit: Speck

Best for: Extra grip 

When you need a case that really glues itself to your hand, the Speck CandyShell Pro does the job. 

This case offers no-slip grip technology, so it’ll adhere to your hands and whatever surface you put it down on. It has drop protection of up to eight feet. This means you have full reassurance that your phone will always be protected. 

The soft-touch coating that lines this case makes your phone scratch-resistant. Your worries about annoying cracks on your screen or phone’s back will be a thing of the past with this technologically advanced case. 

This case features enhancements called microban antimicrobial protection. All this basically means is that your phone can be kept much cleaner and bacteria-free. The case will repel debris from settling in your charging ports and buttons. This offers a 99% reduction in dirt, microbes, and debris for your phone.

Another reason you’ll love this case is due to its protection against screen-first drops. The raised bezels make sure your screen arises crack and shatter-free from any front-facing falls.

8. Spidercase Waterproof Case for iPhone 13 with Built-In Screen Protector

Spidercase Waterproof Case for iPhone 13 with Built-In Screen Protector

Image credit: Spidercase

Best for: Those taking pics in the sea

Instagram is calling, and you know you want to capture that perfect ocean shot. But, of course, you’ve been told that water and phones don’t mix. 

This case has been purposely tried and tested to make it one of the most waterproof cases available. Your camera lens is safely covered by transparent windows, allowing you the chance to take the most perfect pictures in the water without any worry.

You can even take your phone underwater with this case on, so you can get the perfect snorkeling Insta snap

This case features a built-in screen protector, so you can have full confidence in the safety of your screen. So, if you’re taking your phone to the beach where sand is always a threat, make sure to cover it with this case to truly offer the highest grade of protection. 

Featuring a robust outer frame, this case can withstand more or less anything you put it through. It’s also dirt resistant. This means your charging ports and camera lenses will be free of havoc-causing debris. 

This case is also pretty subtle in the way it protects. It fits perfectly against all the buttons of your phone. You’ll also enjoy the responsive tactical feedback, which makes it easier to press buttons and your touch screen through your protective case. 

Along with Instagram thrill-seekers, this case is perfect for those seeking to become one with nature. You can rest assured that your phone will be protected from rain, snow, and all forms of weather as long as it’s got this case on its back.

9. OtterBox Aneu Series

OtterBox Aneu Series

Image credit: iMore

Best for: All-round protection 

OtterBox consistently beat out other cases to offer the best protection available for your phone. Raised edges protect the camera and screen, and also keep your phone from cracks and shattering if it drops. 

You would think with all the protection OtterBox cases offer that they’d be ugly or bulky. Thankfully, that’s not the case (see what we did there?). This phone case is entirely pocket friendly and will fit seamlessly into bags, pockets, and your hand. 

This case also features a ‘grippy edge’ which makes it much easier to hold on to. You won’t even notice the extra grip strength it offers until you’re about to drop it and it goes nowhere.

There’s also great and easy access to all your charging ports, cameras, and speakers with this case. The design is made to fit perfectly to your phone's needs, offering strong protection without any inconvenience. 

A further benefit of this case is that it’s MagSafe and Qi charger compatible. You can simply set your phone down to rest on its charger, already knowing it’s perfectly protected by your case if it happens to fall off. 

10. Totalee Super Thin Case

Totalee Super Thin Case

Image credit: 9to5Mac

Best for: Looking like you don’t have a case at all

If you’re someone who likes to keep your phone’s protection a secret, then this is the case for you. 

This really takes the phrase “super thin” to a whole new level. At just 0.02 inches thick, it seems and feels like there’s nothing to this case at all. Perfect for those seeking a pocket-friendly case to suit their lifestyle. 

This case protects against major and minor falls, scratches, and cracks. Your camera and front screen will also be covered against damage, as the raised lip acts as a protective shield for these parts of your phone. 

Knowing you have a case that will prevent damage to your phone and also keeps it looking good is the perfect combination for most people. The case also keeps dirt and debris out of your connector ports, so your phone can always be at peak performance. 

It really is one of the thinnest cases available to buy, with the most protection on offer. This case is designed to give you full security with your phone whilst keeping it looking razor-sharp. 

11. Snakehive Vintage Leather Case

Snakehive Vintage Leather Case

Image credit: SnakeHive

Best for: Budget seekers

Proving that stylish protection doesn’t have to break the bank, the Snakehive vintage leather case will meet all your phone’s needs. 

This is another leather case on our list that has an elegant, sleek feel to it. The leather ages well over time, and you will end up with a case that’s entirely personal to your phone. 

Also featuring 3 slots for all your cards, this case is the perfect accessory holder. There’s also a money slip for subtle cash storage. You’ll even have the benefit of a magnet close, full access to speakers and buttons, plus a kickstand that allows your phone to sit upright as you require. 

Ideal for anyone worried about scratches or falls, this case has a plastic inner lining. It offers the flexibility your phone needs for perfect shock absorption, keeping your phone safe from cracks and damage. 

Snakehive offers a twelve-month warranty on all their cases, so you don’t have to worry about problems or issues with your new case. 

12. Peel Super Thin Case

Peel Super Thin Case

Image credit: Cision PRWeb

Best for: Discreet protection 

Another super thin case on the list that offers prime protection despite its almost invisible lining.

Designed specifically to give off a minimalist feel, this case is without any images or branding. It really is the sleekest case on the market. 

But don’t let that fool you. This case offers a truly intense level of protection for your iPhone 13. These cases are engineered to keep your phone safe from accidental bumps, cracks, scratches, and shattering. It even protects your camera lens through the slightly raised lip. 

If you want a case that offers the best protection without hiding the truly stunning features of the iPhone 13, then this is perfect for you. Like most super thin cases, it’s designed to be shock absorbent in the most subtle way possible.

You’ll never feel like you have to compromise style for protection with this case. 

13. CYRILL Leather Brick Designed for iPhone 13 Case

cyrill leather case

Image credit: CYRILL

Best for: Being indestructible 

This is the type of case that laughs in the face of hard knocks and far drops.

It’s certainly called “Brick” for a reason. It features 4 layers of protection, including an inner microfiber lining, a well-built PC back, synthetic leather capable of withstanding a lot of wear and tear, and TPU bumpers. 

As a synthetic leather case, you can enjoy all the class and style that comes with a leather look. This feature also provides additional protection from debris, dirt, and oil affecting the look of your phone or your case.

You can enjoy a stunning case that feels as good as it looks. The synthetic leather will do a good job of keeping your phone cool. 

The case even comes with cut-outs for you to add additional features and accessories to your phone. And, as they are all reinforced by the four layers of protection this case offers, even these cut-outs won’t let your phone get damaged in any way. 

Get Your Hands on the Best iPhone 13 Cases

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You know you need a case to keep your phone in top-notch condition, and any one on the list above will stand up to the job. 

Built for both protection and style, this list will keep your phone secure and crack-free and will have all your friends wondering where you got your stunning phone case.
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