What Does Your Phone Case Color Say About You?: A Guide to Colorful Phone Cases

One study found that students exposed to the color red before a test scored over 20 percent lower than students exposed to another color. This is just one example of how color affects the way we think and act. But what do colorful phone cases say about us?

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In this article, we discuss how to choose a phone case based on phone case colors. From energetic reds to reassuring greens, we give you all the color knowledge you need to find the best colors for a phone case.

Let's Talk About Color Psychology

Before diving into phone case colors or how to choose a phone case, let's talk about color psychology. Color psychology involves the notion that colors affect the way we think, feel, and behave. In general, people react to certain colors in similar ways.

However, the interesting thing about our association with colors is that it can change between individuals. This is based on their unique experiences.

For example, while yellow is generally considered a 'happy' color (more on this later), some people may have a horrible memory attached to the color. So, while some people get happy when they see the color, others may feel the opposite.

Why Does It Matter?

Color psychology is a powerful force in everything we do. It's used in marketing, design, and art to help elicit certain responses, which is usually very effective. 

Understanding the nuances of colors and color psychology can help you take control of your choices and behaviors. You can also base decisions, such as on colorful phone cases, on how you want others to perceive you.

You can also use it to motivate your actions. If you want to be more productive, then the best colors for a phone case are those that make you feel motivated.

The key to choosing the right color for colorful phone cases is understanding your culture, your experiences, and the experiences of those around you. Then, you can factor in traditional color associations.

Warm Colors

Warm colors are often associated with feelings of energy, both positive and negative. They can range from optimism and happiness to anger and anxiety. These types of colors push you toward action or grab your attention. 

Phone case colors in these shades are great for people who have a strong personality or warmth to them. However, even if you don't have this type of personality, warm phone case colors are great to bring out these personality traits.


Red is arguably one of the most intense colors among trendy phone cases. It's the most intense because it's associated with some of the strongest emotions, behaviors, and personality traits. 

Consider how the color red is used. It's a color of romance, luxury, warning, and general energy. People with extroverted or enthusiastic tendencies gravitate toward colorful iPhone cases with this color.

If exposed to the color for too long, people can start to feel overly alert or stressed out. Too much red in a person's life can make them feel agitated or more aggressive than normal. So while this might be one of the best colors for a phone case for you, use it sparingly.


Yellow is one of the primary colors and is almost as intense as the color red. Colorful phone cases that include the color yellow give off an optimistic, happy, and confident vibe. 

While yellow seems to have a carefree nature, it can also represent impulsiveness. Trendy phone cases with yellow may show that someone is fun and humorous, but it may also show that they have trouble resisting emotional impulses.


If you aren't sure how to choose a phone case and are attracted to red and yellow, consider orange. While the color is a physical combination of red and yellow, it also combines some of each color's qualities.

Colorful iPhone cases with orange make people feel confident, creative, sociable, and adventurous. They give off the intensity of red with the bubbliness of yellow. However, too much orange or the wrong shade can signify insincerity and self-indulgence.


Pink is one of the most complex colors to understand since it represents different emotions and characteristics in different cultures. While some cultures associate pink with femininity and gentleness, it's a symbol of strength and masculinity in others.

In Western cultures, such as in the United States, pink phone case colors show sensitivity and tranquility. Those with pink phone cases may also be mistaken for having certain characteristics like physical weakness, vulnerability, and shallowness.

Cool Colors

Cool colors have their own set of characteristics that range from soothing to sad. These types of colors are less likely to inspire action than they are to inspire thought. 

However, some people find a sense of creativity in cool colors. These might be the best colors for a phone case if you're looking to relax or for creative inspiration. 


Blue is known as the most popular color in the entire world. One of the reasons for its popularity is the emotion it evokes in many people (and cultures). 

People regard blue as a color of peace and calmness. This could be due to the feelings evoked by blue skies or deep blue oceans. Since it's so relaxing, you may be able to increase your productivity with trendy phone cases in the color blue.


If you're trying to figure out how to choose a phone case, consider whether you want to give off an air of royalty. If so, purple may be one of the best colors for a phone case. 

With red and blue as parent colors, purple is a great way to show your peers that you're relaxed yet powerful. Historically, royals relied on the color red to represent their power, wisdom, and stability. 


Mixing blues and yellows create different shades of green for colorful iPhone cases. This color is often associated with nature or conservation efforts since its present in trees, shrubs, grass, and more.

Knowing this, it's not surprising that green gives off a vibe of growth and balance. It makes people feel optimistic and hopeful. If you want to show people you're capable of peace and renewal, then green is your color.

Other Colors

Not all colors fall into the category of warm or cool colors. However, that doesn't mean that they don't evoke their own sets of emotions, characteristics, and behaviors. 

While warm and cool colors are well known, they are far from the only types of color classification. Other examples include energizing colors, calming colors, mourning colors, and more.


Black is the complete absence of color. Its symbolism varies depending on your location in the world. Some cultures dedicate black to those in mourning while others view it as color power. 

Many people are drawn to black as a neutral color or for its positive traits. Black is one of the best colors for a phone case if you want to exude sophistication, formality, or mysteriousness.

However, other people are wary of black due to its relationship with death. An overwhelming amount of black can make a person feel depressed, disconnected, and overall negative. 


Where black is the complete absence of color, white is the exact opposite. It combines equal amounts of all of the other colors. Just like black, different cultures have conflicting associations with white. 

While white is one of the easiest colors to ruin or get dirty, it also has some of the best symbolism. Western cultures relate white to innocence and integrity. Some people feel white can signify a fresh start or a blank canvas for creativity.

However, white can also make others feel distant, unfriendly, or emotionally empty if not well-balanced. For that reason, white is best kept to smaller objects, which is a helpful notion for those deciding how to choose a phone case.


Some people aren't drawn to one color over the other and prefer to keep things neutral with browns, greys, blacks, and whites. For phone case colors, these are great for people who prefer a greater sense of freedom.

Neutral colors tend to accentuate the other colors around them. Even colors like white or black have their symbolism diminished in the presence of other colors. These colors offer more creative freedom and can complement other belongings more easily. 


If you're having a hard time choosing among the many trendy phone cases, you might be drawn to a multicolored option. This is great for those that are indecisive and it allows you greater freedom to express your characteristics to others.

Each color has its own symbolism and evokes its own set of emotions. However, you can achieve a more relaxed aesthetic with a combination of cool colors or an exciting aesthetic with a combination of warm colors.

Find The Right Colorful Phone Cases

Finding the right colorful phone cases is easy if you know how you want to present yourself to other people. The right colors can show off your best personality traits while the wrong colors can send the wrong message. So, be sure to stick to the above guide.

If you're ready to make a statement, find the right colorful iPhone cases now. 


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