What to Do When Your iPhone 13 Won’t Charge

The iPhone 13 is sleek, powerful, and an all-around fantastic phone. Apple is famous for delivering high-end devices. However, that doesn't mean they're immune to damage or failure.

One common issue is when your iPhone 13 won't charge.

What to Do When Your iPhone 13 Won’t Charge

It can be difficult to determine what's wrong with your iPhone and why it won't charge. The good news is that most issues are minor and easily fixable with some troubleshooting. In the worst-case scenario, you may need to look into getting a new battery.

Before you bring your phone to Apple, see if there's anything you can do on your end. So, what do you do if your iPhone 13 won't charge? Read on for a quick troubleshooting guide to bring your iPhone back to life. 

Check the Cable

What to Do When Your iPhone 13 Won’t Charge - Check the Cable

If your iPhone 13 won't charge, the first thing you should do is check the cable. After all, it is your main source for getting power to your phone. Chances are if there's a battery or charging-related problem, the cable is the culprit.

Inspect your lighting fast charger cable and look for any signs of damage. For example, if it looks bent or twisted near either end, that could be a problem.

Exposed wires or fraying could be a bad sign. You'll want to test if it still works and replace it if it doesn't. It might also be possible to fix it yourself with electrical tape.

Take your original cable, with or without damage, and find another compatible device in the house. Plug it in and look for signs of life.

If it charges the other device or your computer registers it, then it's pumping juice. At that point, it might be your phone instead of the cable.

If the cable doesn't work, or you don't have an easy way to test it, look for a new cable. Borrow one from a friend, or ask a tech at the store if they could test it for you real quick. If it is the cable, you'll already be where you need to get a replacement.

See If Anything is Blocking the Port

check if something is blocking iphone port

It's surprising how dirty the iPhone 13 charging port can get. This is a factor that affects every phone, so it's not that new. You need to check that the charging port is clean and free of blockages.

Anything that physically gets in the way between your charger and the phone could impact its ability to charge. Any dirt, dust, or food crumbs all have to go. There are many ways to clean your iPhone safely, so as long as you're careful, you don't have to worry about damaging it.

You should also check for any signs of water damage. Water getting into your iPhone, especially through the charging port, can be fatal. It can erode the battery and lead to all sorts of performance and charging issues.

Charging port blockages and damage can reduce the speed and efficacy of your charger or stop it altogether. If the alternative cable solutions from the previous step don't work, this might be why. Keep the area clean and dry while you test it.

Check The Wall Outlets, Power Bricks, or Charge Cables

Check The Wall Outlets, Power Bricks, or Charge Cables

The iPhone 13 battery is more efficient than the Samsung Galaxy 22, so it should last longer. Before you start Googling "iPhone 13 plugged in not charging" again, take a deep breath. You should check your wall outlets, power brick, and other charge cables.

The outlet could be faulty, like a flipped breaker or loose connection. Try plugging your charger and phone into a different spot or into your computer. If it works, you've isolated the problem and should find an electrician instead of a phone tech.

It's also best to change your power brick. This refers to the little cube that goes into the outlet so your phone can charge. It could be that the power brick itself is faulty, which is why you aren't getting power.

Testing it is as simple as finding another cube or bypassing it with your computer.

Look at the Hardware You're Using

The last thing to consider in this section is if you're using other charging devices. These can include wireless charging but also non-Apple chargers. If your phone won't charge wirelessly, check the traditional charging methods.

You should never use fake or off-brand chargers or cables for your phones. There have been reports of batteries exploding or chargers catching on fire. They also might cause battery damage and erosion over time, reducing your iPhone's ability to hold a charge.

If you're using an off-brand charger, switch to Apple and test again. If you're still having issues, no matter which cable, charger, or outlet combo you use, move on to the next step.

See If You Can Update the Software

See If You Can Update the Software

Image credit: Apple Support

It's well known that software issues can cause problems with your phone dying or not charging. If your iPhone 13 Pro Max isn't charging, this could be why. Often Apple will be on top of these issues and push a battery fixing update.

See if you can keep your iPhone13 on long enough to check for updates and apply them. If you can keep it alive by leaving it plugged in while operating it, then do that. It's essential that the phone doesn't die while updating.

If that happens, it could corrupt the update and lead to additional problems. It would also waste a lot of time and even worsen the battery problem.

If you can't get your device to turn on no matter what you do, then looking for software updates might be impossible. You could take it to Apple or a repair tech and see if they can give it some juice. They could try connecting it to an external battery to keep it alive long enough to apply any updates.

They could also try to diagnose the problem while you're there if the update doesn't fix it.

A Restart Never Hurts

restart iphone

Image credit: Business Insider

You might be running out of hope for how to charge your iPhone 13 when it's in this state. But, sometimes, a simple restart can make a world of difference. It can force your phone to reload its software and UI and check for new updates.

Sometimes, a little glitch or bug can freeze your phone. Being able to restart it can reset these problems. All of that said, it's important to remember that you need to be able to interact with your phone.

As mentioned prior, if your iPhone is dead, you might not be able to reset it. If you manage to take it to a tech, they'll do a restart as part of the process. However, if all else fails, and nothing you do makes any difference, it's time to take it to Apple.

Consult Apple

consult apple genius bar

Image credit: 9to5Mac

For many people, taking their iPhone 13 to Apple is the last resort. This is because it can be expensive to get your phone fixed there. If your phone is new and still under warranty, you shouldn't hesitate to take it in for replacement or repair.

Apple Care is also worthwhile, considering how expensive phones are these days. The fact is that damage and accidents can happen to anyone, so it's always good to make sure you're prepared. Investing a little bit now in that warranty or protection plan will save you a headache down the road.

If all else fails and you have nowhere else to turn, taking your iPhone 13 to an Apple store is your best bet. They'll check what the problem is and know how to fix it. Apple can also test your phone and its battery.

If it's under warranty, Apple can replace the battery or give you a new phone if needed.

What to Do If Your iPhone 13 Won't Charge

If your iPhone 13 won't charge or turn on, then that can be very frustrating to deal with. Checking the cable and charging equipment for damage or irregularities is a good idea, as is staying away from off-brand products. If you can keep your phone on long enough, then checking for updates or giving it a good restart can help.

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