When Is the Samsung S23 Release Date?

The Samsung S22 reached sales of almost 30 million, a huge number of devices to hit the market. With this in mind, you can expect the S23 to also hit the ground running. They will launch with a fantastic offering people will want to snatch up, especially with the rumor mill buzzing about it like it is.

So, with this much information available to you, how do you know what rumors to trust? How can you even know the Samsung S23 release date or any other information?

This article looks into some of the major rumors out there and helps you summarize them in a digestible format. As you read through, you should have a much better idea of when the device is going to hit the market and what it will look like when it does. This way, you can prepare your budget to pick up this must-have device.

Samsung Phone Release Date Rumors

Samsung Phone Release Date Rumors

There are way more rumors about the Samsung S23's release date than could all be true. They are mostly guesses based on wishful thinking, rather than any confirmed information. As such, we must instead attempt to work out what the release date is from historical information and extrapolation.

Looking at the past Samsung Galaxy releases, we can assume the future will also follow a similar pattern. So, as an example, the most recent five Samsung Galaxy releases have followed a similar pattern.

  • • The Samsung Galaxy S9 launched in February 2018
  • • The Samsung Galaxy S10 launched in February 2019
  • • The Samsung Galaxy S20 launched in February 2020
  • • The Samsung Galaxy S21 launched in January 2021
  • • The Samsung Galaxy S22 launched in February 2022 

Nobody working for Samsung has confirmed this pattern of releases will continue. Still, there is no reason at present to believe this will change in any way moving forward. As such, it is safe to deduce the following information:

The Samsung Galaxy S23 is most likely to launch in the first week of February 2023.

Not only this, but the alternate SKUs of Samsung Galaxies have all tended to launch at the same time with each generation. So, with the S23 it is likely you will see a Samsung Galaxy Ultra and Plus model launching on the same date as the base model.

There is also so much other information we can gather from the rumor mill online, so prepare to learn so much more as you get closer to the release date.

Price of the New SmartphonesPrice of the New Smartphones samsung galaxy s23

The Samsung S23's final RRP has yet to see the light of day. Still, much like the release date we can make some educated guesses about how high its price will likely be.

Over the past three years, the price of this Samsung phone has lowered by around $200 with each offering. There are many reasons for this, but we should not expect this trend to continue.

For the S22, we saw the following recommended retail prices at launch:

  • • S22: $799
  • • S22 Plus: $999
  • • S22 Ultra: $1,199

At present, we have no reason to believe this price is likely to increase or decrease by a significant degree. So, plan to see devices hitting the shelves for the S23 at around the same price point at launch. Of course, over time, this may reduce based on a lack of demand or we may even see a price increase in a secondary market if the S23 is especially popular.

How Powerful Is the New Samsung Galaxy S23?

How Powerful Is the New Samsung Galaxy S23

Image credit: Yahoo! Lifestyle

One of the most common questions about smartphone releases is how much of an upgrade it is compared to its previous version. Below, you can find some of the data scoured from across the Internet to provide you with a summary of the technical specs of the new device. This information includes the hardware, camera, and battery specs of the device.

Technology Specs

A summary of the rumors is as follows:

  • • Internal chipset: Snapdragon 3.36GHz processor
  • • RAM: 8GB
  • • Storage: 128GB or 256GB
  • • New data option: Satellite communications

Many of the shifting Samsung S23 rumors relate to the power of the internal chipset in the device. Lucky for us, we have some confirmation from official sources about this one, so we are not stabbing in the dark.

First off, as a point of comparison, the Galaxy S22 has an internal chipset clock speed of 2.8GHz. The current discussion suggests this will increase with the new device past the 3GHz mark to 3.36GHz. Not only this, but the new device is likely to see a change in manufacturing to a new type of chip.

Samsung has worked with Qualcomm when it comes to creating internal chipsets for their United States market. This appears to be continuing into the new year, and the S23 will continue to use Qualcomm's offering, though with a new twist.

The Qualcomm CEO has recently confirmed the S23 series will use its latest line of chips, the Snapdragon series. These chips have already seen use in other smartphones, so expect these steps to bring Samsung up to speed with other offerings on the market.

When it comes to RAM, there are no calls from Samsung to increase that at present. This is likely as there are no major firmware or hardware overhauls that demand it. So, each version of the device will match the S22 in its inclusion of 8GB of internal RAM.

At the same time, a new venture for Samsung is the installation of satellite communication hardware in their devices. While not a rumor set in stone at present, word on the street is that the S23 will have the capability to make emergency calls using satellite tech. While this will only allow for text messaging and the send images, it is still a big step toward worldwide satellite coverage for cell phones.

How Long Will Batteries in the New Smartphones Last?

How Long Will Batteries in the New Smartphones Last 

Batteries in the S23 also face many rumors associated with their power and charge length. In summary, the rumors state they will allow the following charge in each of their batteries:

  • • S23: 3,900mAh
  • • S23+: 4,700mAh
  • • S23 Ultra: 5,000 mAh

While the S23 Ultra has the same battery offering here as in the S22, the major changes are instead in the standard S23 and S23 Plus.

With both the S23 and S23 Plus, this is an increase of around 200mAh. This extra power is likely needed to power the new chipset as well as any other features on the device now and in the future.

While this is not a huge difference, other changes instead exist in how the device handles the charge it has. There are whisperings the S23 will incorporate a "Light" power setting into its power management modes. This setting already exists on other phones and offers a lower pull from the battery in exchange for a hit to the device's performance.

This feature is well-used among people who rarely engage with their device and can keep it going long past when it would otherwise run.

Camera Information

Camera Information iphone 14 pro max

As the devices continue to update, so do their cameras. The biggest rumor so far suggests the S23 Ultra will sport one of the most advanced cameras Samsung has to offer. 

The HP1, HP3, and HPX camera sensors offer 200Mp resolution, allowing for highly-detailed shots. They already exist in many existing new smartphones, but this would be the first Samsung product to use them.

On top of their high resolution, they also work a lot better in low-light environments. Thus, they would have a high level of popularity among those taking their phone out for an evening's entertainment. 

Smartphone Accessories

Of course, alongside the phone itself comes many accessories. Each of these rumors offers its own clues about the nature of the S23's technology.


The whispers are at present suggesting there will be no major upgrade in how the device charges compared to its predecessors. Wired, you can expect a 25W charger for the standard device or 45W for the Plus or Ultra. Whereas, for wireless charging, the devices will accept 15W.

Cases and Covers

official samsung galaxy s22 phone cases

Image credit: XDA Developers

Several promotional images of Samsung S23 phone cases have emerged, and these point to the size and shape of the devices being very specific. It looks like the cameras will no longer bunch up in one area anymore, and will instead stack vertically on the device.

At the same time, it looks like they are now going to all look very similar to one another. Long gone are the days when the Plus and Ultra look different from the standard SKU of Samsung phones.

After the Samsung S23 Release Date

Once you have picked up your device on the Samsung S23 release date, you will want to ensure it remains safe. Many a smartphone has come to a nasty end on a tiled surface on crashing into a concrete floor. For that reason, you should investigate accessories such as new protective cases.

If you want to find where to get some of the best covers to ensure your new investment remains pristine, you can always check with a trustworthy seller. You can find many different covers to match your mood and style. So, check out the store today and find something to fit your needs.

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