The Best Phone Cases For Samsung Lovers

Are you looking for a new phone case for your Samsung?

While most customers are switching from Apple to local brands, Samsung stands strong and keeps the majority of their customers. Their customers stay loyal because of how well their gadgets perform even years after purchase. Not only that, but they also provide other reliable products for consumers to enjoy.

Even their phone cases are among the best in today's market. Cases rarely get enough attention on their own, but the typical Samsung phone case has features that meet even the most specific needs.

With the different cases that are available for Samsung devices, which one is the best for you? Check out the best ones today!

Ares Clear Rugged Case

Nowadays, phones have tons of small moving parts within them. Even the slightest drop can cause your phone to sustain considerable internal damage. The Ares clear case helps avoid these damages by providing substantial shock protection.

Those using the Ares clear phone case survive a six-meter drop flat on the ground. It also has impact-resistant bumpers on all corners. These make sure your phone functions even after drops from greater heights.

What's great about the Ares clear case is that it provides full-body protection. Elevated bezels keep the screen and camera lens off damaging surfaces and its design also helps prevent dirt and dust from scratching your phone.

The case comes in a range of colors, from black to pink. You will find a suitable color to fit your personality or mood with ease.

Transformer Rugged Bumper Case

Do you like using your phone as a mini cinema? If so, then i-Blason has the case for you. It's a dual-layer case that has a strong exterior to protect from bumps and scratches. Meanwhile, the interior is soft and impact-absorbent to protect the internal parts of the phone.

The case also has raised bezels so no need to worry about surfaces scratching your screen or lens. It has no built-in screen protector, though, so you'll need to invest in one to ensure total protection.

What's great about the Transformer is that it has a built-in kickstand. It supports both landscape and portrait modes so you can watch all manner of videos hands-free. With portrait support, you can take advantage of the Galaxy 20's camera to film yourself, too. 

Samsung Leather Back Cover

Do you prefer avoiding cases that add bulk to your phone? Consider Samsung's leather cover. It's the official leather case made by Samsung for the Galaxy S21.

Made from soft, luxury materials, this is a solid phone case for anyone who wants to maintain the Galaxy S21's comfortable grip. It will make your phone look more refined when installed.

With this, handling your phone while watching videos or jotting down notes will feel natural. It won't slip from your grip, too. The case maintains a slip-free exterior to avoid accidents from happening.

The case is compatible with the Galaxy S21's charger, leaving a hole at the bottom for connection. However, the case also supports wireless charging. 

Unicorn Beetle Pro Rugged Case

The Unicorn Beetle Pro is arguably one of the best protective cases in the market today. It won the annual CNET drop test with the highest total feet. The root of its protection comes from the materials used in these cases.

Each UB Pro case has an exterior made from unbending polycarbonate wrapped with shock-absorbing TPU making it one of the toughest cases around.

It comes with a kickstand which offers 3 viewing angles and doubles as a ring holder. Whether you watch in portrait or landscape you can trust the kickstand to keep it in place.

It also supports any wireless charging features your phone has. Because of this, it covers all the most important features of protective phone cases.

What's great about the UB Pro is that it's compatible with most phones today. It's even compatible with the latest Samsung Galaxy S21 FE. It truly is a solid phone case for all the right reasons.

Smartish Wallet Case

What makes people unappreciative of a phone case is its simplicity. There are usually no engaging designs, and they don't have many cool features. However, the Smartish wallet case breaks the stigma in a unique way.

The case can double as your wallet, having a space to fit cards and cash. You can fit up to four cards in the space provided without them slipping out. What's even better is that it's not all the case offers.

Despite its main feature, the case is sleek and light. It won't add any bulk or weight to your phone. It also has textured grips for a firm but comfortable hold on your device.

The wallet case also has air pockets in the corners. It provides fall protection enough to make sure your phone won't sustain damage.

Samsung Galaxy S21 S-View Flip Case

Only a few users utilize the Galaxy S21's S Pen. The base case doesn't provide much of a solution for carrying the pen along with the phone. Samsung addressed this issue by providing a flip case for the Galaxy S21.

This case comes with a pen holder within the cover. It allows for easy access to the pen when you need to write something down. Samsung also included a clear area in the front flap to display the time, battery level, and info of people calling you.

Samsung's case also has a rubberized interior for protection. Combined with the protection the screen gets from scratches, it's the best rubber phone case on the market today.

Know The Best Cases For Samsung Lovers Today

Taking care of your Samsung phone need not be difficult. Get yourself one of the best phone cases available for Samsung devices. Most also have features you can enjoy, so don't hesitate to get one today!

Check out our store and find the best case for your phone! While simple, nothing beats the designs made by Samsung for different phones, so get one today!

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